Game Console: NINTENDO DS XL

It is said that there’s a child trapped in every man’s body. That’s why, in any recent products there are always features intended to fulfill that childish need. Just name it cars, mobile phones, gadgets, airplane or even yachts; there are always features for a man to play with and lure his childish behavior. The more advance a technology, then the more tempting and amusing the kind of game it contains. However, some producers are quite brave in dealing with that fact. One of them is NINTENDO, by producing one of my toys: NINTENDO DS XL.

Nintendo DS XL
Nintendo DS XL is among the best companion to my mobile entertainment

Prior to buying the NINTENDO DS XL two years ago, I usually played with my laptops. But, it is the portable game console that arises my childhood memories through the games it offers such as Continue reading “Game Console: NINTENDO DS XL”


Gadget: Prolink USB modem PHS-600

Another world is always captivating; attracting people to dwelve into, abandoning their current world. While most people amazed, or even shocked, by the increasing Internet user, I see such phenomenon as something common. There is nothing special with that number of Internet users. To, the Internet is similar to imaginary world created by writers on which the readers access them through books. We don’t have exact and precise data, but I can assure you that the number of book-readers is escalating by the invention of printing machine by Johannes Guttenberg. So, book serves as entry point, a bridge, to a new world – newly imagined world – similar to modem to the Internet.

Prolink PHS-600
Prolink PHS-600 is quite powerful in supporting my mobile need

However, different from books (printed ones) which Continue reading “Gadget: Prolink USB modem PHS-600”

Electronic: ALFALINK portable scanner AS-1212

The beginning of this millenium has been characterized by the urgency of converting anything into digital version. This movement covers broad range of products of human activities, such as music, movie, photograph, recording and documents. It is done in the name of practicality and easy-of-access, especially in terms of filing and archiving. There come products invented to convert analog or physical stuffs into digital ones. One of them is scanner, which converts a piece of document into a digital file.

Alfalink AS-1212
Alfalink AS-1212 truly supports my mobile activity while dealing with the need to preserve physical documents and files

Typical scanner will produce an image file or portable Continue reading “Electronic: ALFALINK portable scanner AS-1212”

Gadget: Buffalo external drive HD PNTU3

As information technology proceeds, there is a need on new storage system, either its capacity or quality. It is also driven by the facts that the size of files has experienced great change. The more advance computer technology, the size of a file becomes greater than ever. We can compare it with what we got a decade ago: People can still survive with a single USB storage with capacity of 1 GB. But, people can’t do the same today and there’s a significant need on new portable external storage having superb durability and capacity.

Buffalo HD PNTU3
Buffalo HD PNTU3 is ready to store and protect your data during mobile activity

I myself experience the same. Long before I got my Buffalo Continue reading “Gadget: Buffalo external drive HD PNTU3”

Wallet: Anti-Scan alumunium wallet

It is imperative to emphasize that, in terms of financial life, there’s a movement to promote cashless society. It is driven more by the desire to gain exact data on economy rather than practicality. Indeed, people today is totally different from those living centuries ago, who had direct access to their wealth or money. Nowadays, it is only the sensation of having money that left, which is represented by digits only, in their bank account. But, I am not talking about the future of money here, or the way people interact with it. I just want to share my experience using Anti-Scan aluminium wallet. It is prompted by some reasons.

Anti-scan alumunium wallet

I have the habit of separating my IDs and ATM cards from my wallet. Simply speaking, my wallet contains cash only and Continue reading “Wallet: Anti-Scan alumunium wallet”

Stationary: Zebra stainless mechanical pencil M-301 (0.5)

Can a man survive from the pervasive use of digital technology and gadget? It might be difficult to answer under the campaign of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), but my answer will be ‘Yes, he can’. I come to such response based on my personal experience: that digital technology and gadgets, to certain extent, create distraction of unprecedented degree. According to me, both are not the best partners when it comes to the need of performing deep thinking and concentrating since either digital technology or gadget is attached to the similar word: HURRY. Some people might suffer from the same disease and come to their own escape. I have also my own escape, and that’s a pencil. A mechanical pencil, precisely.

Zebra M-301
Zebra M-301, a mechanical pencil with versatile use

Sitting alone with my mechanical pencil and blank papers, I feel like having romantic moments with my own self, my sanity. Furthermore, Continue reading “Stationary: Zebra stainless mechanical pencil M-301 (0.5)”

Bag: FILA Primo bag

When it comes to mobile activity, people rely on something that promotes practicality. And, when it comes to traveling, they surely need a bag to put in important stuffs in. However, most people choose to wear backpack only. Rarely they bring simple or smaller bag to put important documents or anything alike. It seems that I’m belong to this minority type of traveler.

fila primo bag
FILA Primo bag provides comfort for outdoor activities

I always bring small handbag in addition to my backpack when I’m traveling. It is in the bag I put my IDs, notebook and writing tools, and also my Continue reading “Bag: FILA Primo bag”

Cap: FILA cap Change series

Among tips for those who travel around tropical countries, there is wearing hat or cap which is useful in dealing with sunlight. It might be simple thing; it’s not only protecting head from direct sun beam, but also promoting one’s interest to enjoy the beauty of a tropical country. That’s why, the use of hat is very common among Asians who live around the equator since such wearable thing enables them to do their activities under the heat or rain.

FILA cap Change series

Though I rarely wear cap on daily basis, I always bring my FILA cap Change series when I travel. At least, this is my current cap since I also have experience wearing cap produced by Diadora or Reebok. Continue reading “Cap: FILA cap Change series”

Bag: EIGER Backpack 60L

Since the day of creation, human being is destined to be a traveler. Historical accounts and Holy Scriptures have shown that there is no great change or civilization born without the presence and influence of personal and or communal displacement or migration. We can expect nothing from those who unable to and don’t want to move his body. No personal and spiritual enlightenment occur among those who prefer to be a conformist to his or her surroundings and environment. A revolutionary man is he who brave and courageous to immerse himself into new civilization, new languages, new communities, new customs and new physical environment. A revolutionary man is he who loves traveling – an adventurous one. But, a true revolutionary man knows when and where to stop being adventurous only to build society of his own, a society he has been dreaming about. All prophets are frugal travelers, aren’t they?

This EIGER 60 L backpack provides safety and comfort during my travel

Above all, while doing the physical displacement, the traveler surely needs something to carry his luggage. Over centuries, human intelligence has created numerous type of carriers according to their need. It is not only the type of the Continue reading “Bag: EIGER Backpack 60L”

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