The Mummy

The Mummy
Nick and Vail are the liberators of precious antiquities.

There is nothing more appealing and tempting than power. It has become a human nature, since the beginning of human civilization, to do what is necessary to have it. Thus, it’s always interesting to produce movies using the quest of power as the main theme. The most recent work of Tom Cruise entitled The Mummy is one of them.

As narrated by Dr. Henry Jekyll at the beginning of the movie, The Mummy tells the story of Princess Ahmanet who was the sole heir to Egyptian monarch. It was not only the real situation, but also her desire. But, everything has changed after his father has baby boy. In order to gain power, she made a Continue reading “The Mummy”


First blog post

Ups, sorry, guys, the title and the content of the post are not match.

This is not my first blog post since I have already had blog account in the past. But, that account will no longer be used; and I move to this domain instead.

As time proceeds, I become more focus with the content of my blog. Different from previous account, I put reviews on movies, musics and books. Now, and forever, in this blog.

So, if you’re a movie lover, bookworm, or music addict, then you have come to the right place to acquire some information prior to enjoy them all.


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