Istanbul: Memories and the City

Istanbul-Memories and the City: A non-fiction written by Ferit Orhan Pamuk

In the eyes of romantic and intelligent individual, there is nothing inanimate. Everything is alive and has value. The fact that we demonstrate attachment with various degrees towards anything has shown that there is value in everything. Any changes occur on an object over time has shaped its appearance. Common eyes will consider the changes as something normal. But, among those who emotionally and logically active, the changes of appearance represent the object’s response towards its environment, which means that the object is alive. Such ideas can easily be seen in the work of brainy personalities like Ferit Orhan Pamuk. Through his able hands, brilliant mind, creative touch, and deep thought, he manages to transform the stories of his family and the changes which occurred in Istanbul into an outstanding novel entitled Istanbul: Memories and the City.

Istanbul: Memories and the City is not only telling the changes which happened in the family of Ferit Orhan Pamuk, but Continue reading “Istanbul: Memories and the City”


The Cassandra Compact

The Cassandra Compact: A fiction written by Robert Ludlum and Philip Shelby

When it comes to the works on espionage, the name Robert Ludlum is second to none. A number of his novels have been translated into movies of unquestioned quality. Celebrated titles such as Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy, and Bourne Ultimatum lure me to revel in his other works. And, truly speaking, The Cassandra Compact is the first Robert Ludlum’s I read. It enriches my experience on novel of this kind, especially work having high dose of suspense-thriller.

The Cassandra Compact tells the story of initiatives taken following the tragic death of Yuri Danko, a Bioaparat researcher. Patriot to Mother Russia, Yuri warns Smith, his American fellow working as a non-official cover under Nathaniel Klein’s supervision at Covert One, about the likelihood of biological disaster somewhere on the globe. The fact that such disaster might be responded by biological warfare involving powerful nations like the USA and Russia prompts Smith to do the necessary acts immediately since Continue reading “The Cassandra Compact”

My Name is Red

My Name is Red: A fiction by Ferit Orhan Pamuk

I bought this novel in 2007 and it becomes my first novel written by a Nobel laureate, who happens to be a Turkish. I remember that moment. It was like love at the first sight when I read the first passages of My Name is Red. Truly speaking, I was challenged to create superb first paragraph, in order to captivate and lure readers, when I read its opening. A narration of a dead man about doesn’t know any clues on his murderer. The use of the first-point of view Orhan Pamuk in this novel has enricjed my past experience. About this novel, I would say that My Name is Red is the most successful first person in a novel. Orhan Pamuk is truly a rising star from East.

Regardless of Pamuk’s activism which makes the awarding process contains political purpose, My Name is Red, I think deserves the prize. The novel has magnificent characterization – something that makes me wonder on how Pamuk could do so. It has complete, through and detailed characterization. It is said that Pamuk Continue reading “My Name is Red”

Life of Pi

Life of Pi A fiction by Yann Martel

I forget the details of this novel, but I still remember how it feels reading a work which was awarded Man Booker Prize. I bought Life of Pi at the beginning of 2006, and I was impressed by the way AUTODESK work on its movie version years later. Still, there are some interesting facts derived from Life of Pi.

First, valuable insights to the animal world. Yann Martel had spent few years to write the novel, and he started it with introduction to the animal world he depicted from lives in a zoo. This section is very important to subsequent parts of Continue reading “Life of Pi”

Schindler’s List

Schindler’s List: A fictional biography of Oskar Schindler by Thomas Keneally

The name Oskar Schindler will never be forgotten, especially among Jewish community. Prominent German industrialist who made fortune during World War II, Oskar is highly praised for being the first businessman to perform practical philanthropy in modern world by saving the lives of Jews from further horror: death. It was something dangerous, especially for a member of Nazi party like him.

Written by Thomas Keneally, Schindler’s List serves as a fictional biography of the honorable live-saver. It took years for Thomas to complete the book. But, he got assistance and support from the descendants of the Schindler Juden who had given him resources needed. The hard work finally paid off since Steven Spielberg put the Continue reading “Schindler’s List”

Einstein’s Dreams

Einstein’s Dreams: A fiction based on the Theory of Relativity by Alan Lightman

People will find themselves familiar with science-fiction-based works in forms of movies or novels. However, most of them are explicitly shown as having scientific and technological contents. Such experience will be quite hard to get when one reads Einstein’s Dreams, a book written by Alan Lightman.

The book narrates relativity theory coined by Albert Einstein. It is written in a series of Continue reading “Einstein’s Dreams”

White Castle

White Castle: A fiction by Ferit Orhan Pamuk

How does it feel seeing the world through the eyes of others? If you’re unable to cope with your imaginative power, then you’ll be easily get mad and angry. Unless you listen carefully and let the information come into your mind, you will get nothing but negative response and wasting your time. It’s all becoming worse if the both sides are not in equal position. This is the central theme of White Castle, which is Orhan Pamuk’s third novel. The quest of modernity and Cartesian point of view towards knowledge, coupled with the power of ego performed by Hoja upon his slave, will captivate readers of the work of the celebrated Turkish writer.

To read White Castle, one should concentrate more since Pamuk uses first-person narrative along the novel. It is easy to distinguish the characters at first. However, when it comes to intense relationship and Continue reading “White Castle”


Stardust: A novel by Neil Gaiman

When it comes to fantasy, I don’t have another choice b it Neil Gaiman’s works. I’m not only amazed by his wild imagination, but also by the way he paints fantasy and magic with his words. While reading his novels, I often take a short stop, a pause, only to create my own visual projection, my mental image, on the characters he created. Such stop is never boring, actually. In fact, I discover it as something necessary. One thing I learn from Neil Gaiman is a great writer always embraces his readers’ capacity and inner desire to have their own fantasy. I have this thought after reading his works such as Stardust and Neverwhere. Here, I want to share my experience with Neil Gaiman’s Stardust.

Written in concise manner, Stardust consists of complex mixtures: Love; magic; adventure; eternal life; curse; and fight for power. The story is started when a young man named Dunstan Thorn visited Faerie Market and met his first love, Una, who happened to be cursed by a witch named Semele. Nine months later, in the town of Continue reading “Stardust”

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