The Mummy

The Mummy
Nick and Vail are the liberators of precious antiquities.

There is nothing more appealing and tempting than power. It has become a human nature, since the beginning of human civilization, to do what is necessary to have it. Thus, it’s always interesting to produce movies using the quest of power as the main theme. The most recent work of Tom Cruise entitled The Mummy is one of them.

As narrated by Dr. Henry Jekyll at the beginning of the movie, The Mummy tells the story of Princess Ahmanet who was the sole heir to Egyptian monarch. It was not only the real situation, but also her desire. But, everything has changed after his father has baby boy. In order to gain power, she made a Continue reading “The Mummy”


The Beatles

The works of the Beatles is quite phenomenal and easy to listen

As I lived in a small city in 90s, then it’s quite impossible for me to revel in the music originated in other hemisphere decades ago. However, it was all changed by the presence of ionosphere. Yup, thanks to the atmospheric layer for introducing my ears to the music of the Beatles.

It was BBC radio that brought me the Beatles through short-wave broadcast. The first song of the band I heard is I saw her standing there, and the song promptly sparked my interest to the band. At that time Continue reading “The Beatles”

Ludwig van Beethoven

Ludwig van Beethoven at work

Some artworks are so monumental and stunningly beautiful, and last for centuries without having possibilities of being abandoned – and keep attracting new fans. Above all, the components of the artworks that make it so might be either its beauty or its mystery. And, I get those traits in the works of Ludwig van Beethoven, one of my favorite composers of all time.

I have a bunch of collection of his works – almost complete – ranging from piano sonatas, musical symphonies, his famous Cleveland quartet and also violin concertos. They’re all perfect in the sense that I’m almost unable to find his single work that is not beautiful. To be honest, some works Continue reading “Ludwig van Beethoven”


Oasis is ready to replace the position of the Beatles among younger generations in the future

When I have to mention the most phenomenal and celebrated brothers in the music of my era, then I will pick Liam and Noel Gallagher. Both men are responsible for the rise and fall of Oasis, a famous band from England after the era of the Beatles and U2 who is also one of my favorite bands.

I was introduced to their work when I was in high school, and soon a number of their songs – like Wonderwall, Champagne Supernova, and She’s Electric – captivated me. And I prompted to Continue reading “OASIS”

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