The Other Side of the Door

Past memories and present emptiness might drive anyone unrealistic and delusional. The unpredictable nature of the future whether it will bring happiness or sorrow makes those of lame character and personality uneasy and unable to move on. The fact that either past or future has the same fate, i.e. will disappear, should bring awareness  that we, human, are basically live in the middle of two-eternal nothingness. We live today. We live by now. Thus, we need to embrace our current being and be thankfulness to what we are now. Otherwise, unhappiness is the only thing left for us.

Maria doesn’t know that Myrtu is awaiting for her son.

That’s the moral of The Other Side of the Door, a horror movie using Indian  culture as its background. The movie is started by portraying Maria (Sarah Wayne Callies), who is haunted by her failure to save his son Oliver (Logan Creran) from being drowned; an incident which killed him eventually. Being depressed, she induces her unhappiness towards the rest of her families, especially Continue reading “The Other Side of the Door”


Lights Out

Martin and Rebecca have to help each other against Diana.

Most horror movies will drive their audience terrified. They should. And, it’s quite rare to discover a horror cinema that makes the audience inquisitive, or mentally active. Such work is special, and I find this nature on the recent Teresa Palmer’s movie entitled Lights Out.

Paul (Billy Burke) is working in his office when his son, Martin (Gabriel Bateman), calls him, asking him to go home soon. Martin is disturbed by the fact that his mother, Sophie (Maria Bello), talks to someone unseen in the dark. Prior to leaving the office, Esther (Lotte Losten), Paul’s assistant, tells him to be Continue reading “Lights Out”

The Conjuring 2

Lorraine is searching Valak’s whereabouts in her husband’s work room.

Faith is all we need in tackling any hindrances and obstructions in life, including while dealing with demonic power. That’s the key and the ultimate solution Lorraine Warren has when she is about to exterminate the evil spirit that haunts the Hodgson’s and also threatens the life of her husband, Ed Warren, in The Conjuring 2. Being completely at a lost with the incidents, Lorraine comes to her powerful understanding; that she – anyone, precisely – can defeat any demonic misfortune if she knows the name of the demon in charge.

Similar to the first series, The Conjuring 2 is based on true events, taken from one of the cases Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren had in the mid 70’s. The incident took place not long after the couple worked on the Amityville in 1976. Both Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) are asked by the Continue reading “The Conjuring 2”

The Boy

Greta and picture of the Heelshire’s.

Greta (Lauren Cohan) is an American girl leaving her hometown for good. She finds the need to create space between her and Cole, man from her past. And, she has the Heelshire’s accepted her to babysit Brahms, the only child of the husband and wife. To her surprise, Greta finds that Brahms is not an ordinary kid: He is a doll.

She doesn’t have opportunity to refuse the employment. Malcolm (Rupert Evans), local grocery man, has warned her about this: that the Heelshire’s and the boy Continue reading “The Boy”

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