Other Colours

Other Colors: A non-fiction written by Ferit Orhan Pamuk

What does a note mean to a writer? I don’t know the answer at first. The worse was that I could not discover the importance of making notes to a writer. I was so naive to think that the way a writer works was less complicated than a process engineer in a chemical factory: first, determine the existing chemical reactions and the overall process outflow; second, define the raw materials and products in order to calculate the material and energy balance; and, third, optimize the way utility system works. Apparently, the way a marvelous writer works is much more harder and complex than a common process engineer since the first tends to work in greater details. To an excellent writer, like Ferit Orhan Pamuk for instance, there is nothing useless. Any information, any experience is valuable to his career. I got this finding when I read Other Colors: Essays and A Story, a book composed by Orhan Pamuk, the celebrated Turkish writer who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2006

Being a writer is special since it means that you let people read you. It is not only the work(s) that can be read, but you’re readable also. The more people follow you and your works anytime you publish them, it means that Read more


My Promised Land

My Promised Land: A non-fiction book by Ari Shavit

Since ancient times, Middle East has never slept. Social unrest, political turmoil, riots, birth of new religion and war have characterized the area. The conflicts have been more intense after the establishment of a country named Israel in the middle of 20th century. None of us knows the future of a single country in the world. We can’t also predict the future and fate of a country since its establishment thanks to its complex dynamic. Chapters, stories and records in My Promised Land: The Triumph and Tragedy of Israel provide historic accounts about Israel so far and give a glimpse for us to imagine the future of the country.

The book is written in form of personal narrative history of the state of Israel. It deals with the existing internal and external pressures in Israel which suggest that there are some existential crises within Israel. Consists of 17 Read more

Great Physicists: The Life and Times of Leading Physicists from Galileo to Hawking

Great Physicists – The Life and Times of Leading Physicists from Galileo to Hawking: A non-fiction by William H. Cropper

The word of science and discovery might be boring for some, especially when both delivered by the wrong teacher and biographer. But, this book will erode such feeling and emotion. William H. Cropper is far from mediocre biographer on scientists, and he proofs it in his Great Physicists: The Life and Times of Leading Physicists from Galileo to Hawking.
As the title suggests, the book contains biographical records of some notable physicists. The full title is Great Physicists: The Life and Times of Leading Physicists from Galileo to Hawking. At first, the book looks like a compilation of Read more

Istanbul: Memories and the City

Istanbul-Memories and the City: A non-fiction written by Ferit Orhan Pamuk

In the eyes of romantic and intelligent individual, there is nothing inanimate. Everything is alive and has value. The fact that we demonstrate attachment with various degrees towards anything has shown that there is value in everything. Any changes occur on an object over time has shaped its appearance. Common eyes will consider the changes as something normal. But, among those who emotionally and logically active, the changes of appearance represent the object’s response towards its environment, which means that the object is alive. Such ideas can easily be seen in the work of brainy personalities like Ferit Orhan Pamuk. Through his able hands, brilliant mind, creative touch, and deep thought, he manages to transform the stories of his family and the changes which occurred in Istanbul into an outstanding novel entitled Istanbul: Memories and the City.

Istanbul: Memories and the City is not only telling the changes which happened in the family of Ferit Orhan Pamuk, but Read more

Mind, Matter and the Implicate Order

Mind, Matter and the Implicate Order: A textbook on philosophy written by Paavo T.I. Pylkkanen

The question about reality is quite challenging and disturbing for those who have great interest upon philosophy, especially when dealing with reality. Many attempts have been made. Many approaches have been employed. But, still, what reality is and how one can access it play important role in the dynamics of the topic. Nearly no agreement has been achieved about this matter, especially among modern philosophers. To some extent, they seem to be hesitate to incorporate traditional and or religious notions on reality into their works. Such facts mostly caused by the influence of ego more than cognitive. It is interesting since the answer might be discovered while the philosopher is willing to combine his modern view on reality with the established ones. How could someone attain the ultimate reality if he can deal with his own ego? Read more

Numerical Methods Using MATLAB

Numerical Methods Using MATLAB: A textbook on MATLAB programming by George Lindfield and John Penny

Stands for Matrix Laboratory, MATLAB is a handy tool to solve mathematical problems using matrix operations as the base of its approach. The software is helpful to those who involve calculations and countings in their daily activities due to its broad range of usages. The fact that it has embedded Control Toolbox ensures control engineer to work with MATLAB. Among economists, the presence of MATLAB on their PCs or laptops is inevitable. And, I’m sure bankers and or accountants will find Financial Toolbox captivating. Then, other features such as Simulink, GUI and Symbolic Toolbox will lure engineers and even students to put MATLAB as their first and ultimate choice.

Surely, one needs to know how a matrix works first in order to maximize the value of MATLAB. Indeed, matrix operation is one of MATLAB’s distinguishing features. In addition to its matrix as the backbone, MATLAB I suitable partner for Read more

The Return of The Economic Naturalist: How Economics Helps Make Sense of Your World

The Return of The Economic Naturalist-How Economics Helps Make Sense of Your World: A non-fiction on economy by Robert H. Frank

Economy is quite hard to understand for some. The fact that it’s hard to comprehend makes it sort of boring and uninteresting subject. Such feeling may be caused by their unlucky for not finding sources good at explaining the topic. Though it is impossible to fully understand how economy works – due to its highly dynamic nature – people will eventually be able to partially unearth the way economic engine and its environment when they happen to get in-touch with the right person. And, I’m belong to the group of fortunate men who have such experience.

The man whose work on economy fascinates me at the moment is Robert H. Frank. Serving the Cornell University as Henrietta Louis Professor of Management and Professor of Economics at the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management at the institution, he is one of contributors to economic column at Read more

The Cassandra Compact

The Cassandra Compact: A fiction written by Robert Ludlum and Philip Shelby

When it comes to the works on espionage, the name Robert Ludlum is second to none. A number of his novels have been translated into movies of unquestioned quality. Celebrated titles such as Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy, and Bourne Ultimatum lure me to revel in his other works. And, truly speaking, The Cassandra Compact is the first Robert Ludlum’s I read. It enriches my experience on novel of this kind, especially work having high dose of suspense-thriller.

The Cassandra Compact tells the story of initiatives taken following the tragic death of Yuri Danko, a Bioaparat researcher. Patriot to Mother Russia, Yuri warns Smith, his American fellow working as a non-official cover under Nathaniel Klein’s supervision at Covert One, about the likelihood of biological disaster somewhere on the globe. The fact that such disaster might be responded by biological warfare involving powerful nations like the USA and Russia prompts Smith to do the necessary acts immediately since Read more

The Black Swan

Black Swan-The Impact of the Highly Improbable: A non-fiction written by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

It is not an exaggeration for saying that Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable should be considered as one of the most important books in the 21st century. Since we are now living in era in which data, statistics, empiricism and their derivatives play important role in shaping our behavior and the way we think, the book provides insightful remarks on the danger of having such paradigm. It is quite difficult to categorize the book. Its psychological approach upon understanding human behavior has made it impossible to put Black Swan into the class of philosophical book. On the other hand, the presence of superb elucidations on risks and some key concepts in mathematics and statistics makes Black Swan different from a typical book of essays. Indeed, it is a serious book. However, I could say that Nassim Nicholas Taleb is an amazing writer since he is able to Read more

Transport Phenomena

Transport Phenomena: A textbook by R. Byron Bird, Warren E. Stewart, and Edwin N. Lightfoot

A phenomenon may exist as it is, similar to the way our sensory tools comprehend. But, how does it look like when it is transformed into mathematical equation? The book entitled Transport Phenomena deals with such question and provides steps and paths in composing mathematical models for the system being studied.

Mathematical modeling is important in scientific and technological realms. By doing so, we can predict the future likelihood of a system in terms of its individual activities or Read more