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Watching movies, listening to music and reading books are among my hobbies. I love movies so much that I don’t want to lose memories about their plots, values, and some dialogues. What about music? It is said that musical rhythm could lessen our burden, and enhance our mental health. I don’t buy such idea: I listen to music due to its beauty. That’s all. Books?? Well, do you believe in the notion that it is us, readers, that choose the book? No, I don’t think so. It is writers that choose us, their readers. And, in order to honor those outstanding writers, I put their works here. In my blog. Musicians, artists and their cinema works, all are here. In my blog.

You might watch the same movie, listen to the same music, and read the same book, and discover that I possess different point of view on certain posts. So, if you don’t mind, share yours with me. I’m delighted to have others express their own ideas about the same issue. That’s another means to make this world more colorful, right.

Why don’t you try it from this moment, then? 🙂

~ Farid Solana


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