Kung Fu Panda 3

Kung Fu Panda 3

Sometimes, other people know us better and truly understand the purpose of our existence and creation. We might need to perform painstaking endeavor in order to discover the truth about ourself. It is hard to present such value through literary work or common cinematographical work. It will be different if we put it into animation or carton: It works! Try Kung Fu Panda 3, and you will agree with me.

The movie is started by a scene in which Kai disturbs Grand Master Oogway who is meditating to find inner-peace. Kai then takes Oogway’s chi and turns him into jade. However, within the last minutes prior to being defeated, Ooogway tells Kai that a warrior will finish him. Kai, while trying to figure out the answer, has the ambition to get all the chis of all Kung Fu Masters; including Master Shifu and his disciples. Po manages to survive from being captured by Kai since his father, Li Shan, brings him home. On the other hand, Master Shifu orders him to go home in order to discover his true identity among panda family.

The life in panda village is quite amusing, and Po feels at home at once. At the same time, Kai is approaching his village to seize the chis of all pandas. To his surprise, Kai and his zombie jade squad are welcomed by fierce resistance performed by the pandas, thanks to Po who has trained them Kung Fu. Both Po and Kai do their duel then, something that defines Po’s stance in the Kung Fu world.

Compared to the last-two movies, the movie directed by Alessandro Carloni and Jennifer Yuh Nelson is much more entertaining, amusing. But, still, the movie is rich in moral values. It dwells into the core of personal discovery and its consequences. The use of cartoon and animation to portray metaphysical feature of Chinese culture finds its best in Kung Fu Panda 3. Children may hard to get the message contained in the movie. Nevertheless, they will find it captivating. The movie written by Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger is suitable for family viewing. You may consider to put it in your collection also: It is something worth to do.


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