Social unrest in the new Chicago has risen a new society called itself Allegiant

The use of scientific method to engineer society has been a popular theme for movies. For quite a long time, people are fascinated by the desire to control and show supremation to others by means of logically-sound techniques. The campaign of the supremation of scientific methods and logic has never ceased despite the facts that the employment of its discoveries to engineer society always ends in failure. That’s the core of the latest movie of Divergent the Series entitled Allegiant.

Jeanine is dead, leaving an uncontrolled society in which a battle of interests occurs. Such condition forces Tris (Shailene Woodley) and her friends to leave Chicago for good: to find new world by jumping over the Wall. Accompanied by Four (Theo James), Caleb (Ansel Elgort), Peter (Miles Teller) and others, Tris finally arrives in uncharted and toxic territory suffered from chemical warfare in the past. They are welcomed and saved by troops from Bureau of Genetic Welfare headed by David (Jeff Daniels). The bureau works based on the division of the people: The Pure and The Damaged. Tris, who is said to be the best result of the bureau and the ideal among the Pure, enjoys her position at first. However, what happens to Four has made her uneasy and launch resistance towards David. Helped by Caleb, Tris then goes back to Chicago. The city is about to start a new beginning with David as the mastermind of the change.

Allegiant is similar to other movies of the same serial. Classification and dichotomy are the central theme, and both are the cores of scientific methods. How far will logic make a change? What happens to Caleb may help the audience to discover the answer. Allegiant lacks of physical action, and puts emphasize on drama; something that makes it captivating due to stronger characterization of each roles.


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