The Mummy

The Mummy
Nick and Vail are the liberators of precious antiquities.

There is nothing more appealing and tempting than power. It has become a human nature, since the beginning of human civilization, to do what is necessary to have it. Thus, it’s always interesting to produce movies using the quest of power as the main theme. The most recent work of Tom Cruise entitled The Mummy is one of them.

As narrated by Dr. Henry Jekyll at the beginning of the movie, The Mummy tells the story of Princess Ahmanet who was the sole heir to Egyptian monarch. It was not only the real situation, but also her desire. But, everything has changed after his father has baby boy. In order to gain power, she made a pact with Set, Egyptian God of Death. The agreement had also made possible for Set to rise and take human form and gain control over human being. The initiative forced Ahmanet to murder her royal family. It was her crime and coalition with darkness that drove the royal priests to mummify her alive then bury her in some place beyond Egypt.

The story is then continued in the modern era, showing Nick Morton (Tom Cruise) and Chris Vail (Jake Johnson) who call themselves as the liberators of precious antiquities, discover burial site L-26 in Iraq. Thanks to the air strike, the site is then opened, unearth what is inside. Together with Jennifer Halsey (Annabelle Wallis) who works for Dr. Henry Jekyll (Russel Crowe), a scientist who happens to be the member of the Royal Society and leads Prodigium, an organization dedicated to locating, containing and destroying monsters – they bring the mummy home. But, on their way back to the U.S. the plane falls on British soil, leaving the mummy of Princess Ahmanet at large. It is the beginning of the adventure to locate and fight against the mummy before she becomes stronger. Meanwhile, Nick Morton experiences dramatic situation prior to manipulating Princess Ahmanet in order to save the life of Jennifer Halsey.

The Mummy is rather different from movies of the similar story. It successfully combines myth, modern life, science, humor, drama and action with balanced proportions. Still, the use of celebrated movie stars seems to unable to boost the quality of this artwork. Some might say that the presence of Tom Cruise in a movie will make it more attractive thanks to his performance in the action scenes. Meanwhile, Russel Crowe might be considered responsible to make a scientific realm in a movie works better captivating the heart of the audience. The fact has shown that Tom and Russel are unable to make movie of generic story and plot more appealing. You may have different opinion from me. So, why don’t you just watch the movie and share yours with me?


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