The Turner’s in action.

Bruce Willis is getting older. Now, he needs to be killed to end his movie. No more happy ending for Bruce’s lovers since Hollywood seems to be ready to replace him with younger star such as Kellan Lutz. Both play as father and son in their latest duet with Gina Carano in the Extraction.

Leonard Turner (Bruce Willis) is the best field agent CIA ever had. One day he was captured and forced to tell all of his contacts within the organization of his kidnapper. Otherwise, the life of Kate Turner, his wife, and Harry Turner, his son, will pay for it. He managed to kill all of his kidnappers and flee, but his wife was brutally murdered in return. The incident brings traumatic experience to Harry (Kellan Lutz) many years later: Leonard always thinks that Harry will always be a kid who is unable to pull the trigger.

Ten years later, Harry is accepted in the CIA though eventually unable to pass the test as field agent few times regardless of his magnificent shooting and physical skills: Thanks to Ken (D.B. Sweeney), his father’s former colleague, who has built intense emotional relationship since Kate’s death. Placed in Prague, one day Harry gets information that his father is captured in Newark along with CONRAD, an application which makes it possible for anyone to crack telecommunication transmission he wants. The agency has 24 hours before the application launched. It is also the same amount of time for Harry to release his father. However, Harry is not allowed to join the mission, and the Prague Station, under the leadership of Sitterson (Steve Coulter) sends Higgins (Dan Bilzerian) instead.

Extraction is rich in surprise. Harry manages to escape from being trapped in his apartment in Prague and flies to Newark. He then meets Victoria Phair (Gina Carano), his former lover, who is actually ordered to stop him, and Kris (Lydia Hull), Victoria’s best friend who is sexually active and has remarkable notion on abortion – pregnant for three times, to zygote.

It is highly recommended to see this movie. It’s interesting since its beginning, and it has astonishing pace, nice story, drama, actions and natural cum human touch. The moral of the movie is that you can’t tell someone as your best friend unless you’ve tested him/her. Extraction is captivating, making you crave more and more even the movie is over.


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