Triple 9

Elena Vlaslov and her son with Michael.

Getting older, Kate Winslet seems about to leave her romantic and beauty touch. Following her performance in the first two Divergent series, she is now becoming an antagonist more than ever. In her latest movie, i.e. Triple 9, for instance, she plays the role of Irina Vlaslov, wife of a Russian mob godfather who seems to be more powerful than her husband. To get what she wants, Irina manipulates a gang of corrupt policemen and criminals in which her brother in law, Michael Belmont (Chiwetel Ejiofor), is among its members.

The movie directed by John Hillcoat is started by a scene in which Marcus Atwood (Anthony Mackie), Jorge Rodriguez (Clifton Collins, Jr.), Michael Belmont, Russell Welch (Norman Reedus), and his brother Gabe Welch (Aaron Paul) set up a plot to rob a bank. Having different ethnic backgrounds, they share same value on wealth and fortune, regardless of the methods employed. In doing their crime, they sometimes work hand in hand with Russian mob; working for Irina’s mission. Michael can’t do anything since such cooperation makes it possible for him to meet his son, born to him and Elena (Gal Gadot), who is Irina’s sister. On the other hand, Irina works together with some dirty FBI officers, making Michael and his colleagues cornered and have less option but following her order.

One day, the need to do one ‘final’ mission for Irina. New guy named Luis Pinto (Luis Da Silva) joins the company then. This time, the have to be more careful since Chris Allen (Casey Affleck) has just joined the same police department and becomes Marcus’ partner. Slow in pace and put more emphasize on intrigues and drama than thrilling actions, Triple 9 gains its momentum when Russell Welch injured; forcing Michael to end him. The movie moves faster then. However, Chris becomes more suspicious with Marcus’ behavior, especially when Gabe Welch is shot to death by Marcus while Luis tries to kill Chris. Rodriguez and Michael then use the moment when Chris announces 999, a code for policemen indicating an officer being shot or killed. Marcus himself wants Luis Pinto kill Chris so that he will be the one who announces the code. However, Gabe shoots him instead, making it possible for Rodriguez and Michael to do their last robbery.

Triple 9 should be an action movie. However, it contains more dialogues, family drama and personal characterization through emotional elaboration of the actors and actresses. For those who embrace weapons, duels, bang of shotguns, this movie is indeed disappointing. But, Triple 9 portrays real-life phenomenon, making it much more natural and full of human touch, and interesting to see. Corrupt policemen and criminals are everywhere, and stories about them are mostly predictable and following similar plot. Triple 9 puts such story in different way; quite unpredictable and beyond mainstream. You must see this movie.


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