The Revenant

Glass and little Hawk, his son and the only family left.

When it comes to father-and-son relationship, revenge is the only one left when someone has ruined the relationship. That’s what makes Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio) survives, no longer afraid of death since he has experienced numerous incidents common people won’t be able to overcome. With his own eyes, he sees Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy) stabs to death Hawk (Forrest Goodluck), his son and his only surviving family member. When it happens, Glass can do nothing but lies on branches of trees, made for him after bizarre quarrel with a bear which successfully made him physically wounded.

The story of The Revenant is started when Glass and his son work for a group of trappers. Both father and son are hunting for deer when the group is suddenly attacked and slaughtered by Arikara Indians. Then they help the group, fleeing the location using boat. Glass’ mission is then to show the way to their post at Fort Kiowa on foot. To his surprise, when he is alone in forest, a big bear attacks him. Though Glass manages to kill the bear, he is nearly death due to the serious wounds. Thus, he can’t continue the walk on foot; the group is then carry him on a rack made from woods.

At the same time, Arikara Indians think the group responsible for the lost of Powaqa, the daughter of their chief. The tribe hunts them. Cornered, the captain of the trappers surrenders and offers a large sum of money to those who is willing to keep and guard Glass until he dies or gets better – and able to continue to the walk to Fort Kiowa. Fitzgerald, Bridger (Will Poulter), and Hawk volunteer for the duty. But, Fitzgerald is unable to control his nerve; he then kills Hawk and lies to Bridger in order to let Glass alone. However, Glass finally survives and hunts Fitzgerald and stabs him to death at the end of the movie.

The Revenant is exciting movie. It tells the story of survival of Glass; something very useful, especially for those who have adventurous life. His emotional attachment to Hawk is the only fuel that forces Glass to survive and overcome any physical wounds he has. It seems slow in pace at first, but at the perfect moment, the movie gradually moves into wonderful stories. Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy show their best performance in this movie, making it recommended to see. The Revenant will be the best companion, especially for your weekend.


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