Central Intelligence

Bob Stone alias Robbie Weirdicht acting as Dr. Dan and saves Calvin’s marriage.

It takes courage and brave personality to be yourself. Indeed, that’s not something easy to accomplish and to do, especially if one has burden in the past for being predicted and expected to be someone else by most of his companion. Such condition drives someone to be unable to perceive and be appreciative towards his current being. That’s the central theme of Central Intelligence, the most recent comedy movie resulted from nice co-work between Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart.

Back in 1996, Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart) had everything a student dreams about. He was not only smart and talented, but also famous and won the heart of his contemporary students and predicted to be a highly successful individual in the future. While he was delivering a speech in a kind of farewell party at his high school, Robbie Weirdicht (Dwayne Johnson) was nakedly dragged in the center of the basketball field by Trevor (Jason Bateman) and his gang. It was Calvin’s jacket that saved Robbie from further embarrassing moment.

Calvin did something simple in the past but results in important relationship between him and Robbie years later. Being distressed for being a regular accountant 20 years after the farewell party at his high school, he gets a facebook friend request from a guy named Bob Stone (Dwayne Johnson). To his surprise, he asks for a meeting; something that saves him from mild fight between himself and Maggie Joyner (Danielle Nicolet), his wife who is also his high school lover. Maggie asks him to attend the reunion, while he insists on refusing to come. Calvin is then amazed by the way Bob defeats bad guys in a bar. He then asks for help to Calvin to solve his payroll problem. Having Bob sleeps in his home, Calvin is facing the fact a group of CIA agents led by Pam Harris (Amy Ryan) comes into his house in search of Bob Stone. She said that Bob is a dangerous CIA agent who tries to sell important information to those who against U.S. government. Bob then takes Calvin, explaining his mission and asking for his expertise as an accountant, while trying to solve the case and discover the true identity of the Black Badger. These all occur in a series of comedic and action scenes between both, and end in a happy ending in which Bob reveals himself in front of his former high school friends in the reunion party.

Central Intelligence is truly entertaining. It successfully combines comedy, action and mild drama into a single movie. The theme is simple one. Though comedy and drama have encapsulated Central Intelligence, the taste of action doesn’t disappear and audience can feel it in the movie as a whole. It is quite odd at first to see Dwayne Johnson plays such comedy work, but he manages to perform well in a movie containing less action and puts more emphasize on drama and comedy. If you want to know the price of friendship, good deed and bullying, then Central Intelligence is the right movie to watch.


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