Bastille Day

Michael, Zoe and Briar work hand-in-hand to get the nasty guy in Bastille Day.

Corrupt officer will always be interesting theme for a movie, especially if the wrongdoer is of intelligence unit. Surely, it involves intrigues to get proper and perfect scapegoat for his action. That’s what makes Bastille Day interesting action movie of the week.

For Michael (Richard Madden), daily life is never boring. Being a notorious and professional pickpocket, he is exposed to brand new challenge everyday in order to get money to pursue his dream of becoming a medical school student. One day, he makes a mistake and proven to be unfortunate for stealing wrong package from Zoe Neville (Charlotte Le Bon). Instead of getting money or something precious and valuable, Michael has an active bomb in the bag since Zoe happens to be newly-recruited terrorist in the city. The bomb explodes and takes some lives, and the picture of Michael widely spread within seconds throughout the country. Interested in having Michael, Briar (Idris Elba) tries to caught him in order to gain more information about the terrorist network.

Performing as CIA agent based in Paris, Briar is challenged to get the info. However, it is not easy for both Michael and Briar to cooperate at first and find the answer because Zoe herself is too afraid to speak up – and seeks protection from her gang. To their surprise, a corrupt policeman under the instruction of Victor Gamieux (Jose Garcia) leads an operation to kill the so-called terrorist network. Most of Zoe’s colleagues murdered then, leaving her no choice but joining Briar and Michael. They finally discover that the terrorist group is only distraction to the greater interest. Victor himself plans something nasty and complex in the benefit of his own financial interest as a member of French intelligence unit. He even cold bloodly kills Karen (Kelly Reilly) who is Briar’s colleague in the CIA Paris station. The action led by Victor is culminated on the Bastille Day, in which a national celebration occurs throughout French.

For an action movie, Bastille Day is quite entertaining due to the presence of comedy and unpredictable intrigues and complexity. It is more than just kicks, tricks and also bangs of guns, but also thrilling story and plot. Bastille Day runs with moderate pace, superb plot, and nice drama. All of the roles perform nicely and have outstanding characterization. Zoe, for instance, perform as a weak woman at the beginning. But, she eventually leads the rioters so brave that people admire her at last for being that strong figure in the terrorist network. Such transformation has made Bastille Day interesting to see and put in your collection.


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