Brick Mansions

Tremaine negotiates with Damien and Lino about the bomb and the life of Lola.

How should we solve crime? The simplest way might be by putting criminals in the same location. The notion came across in the mind of Nazi officer prior to World War II to locate Jewish people. But, is it effective? History has shown that such initiative doesn’t work at all since cornered people tend to posses better survival ability. Thus, the only way to overcome crime is by creating another crime. This is the basic idea of Brick Mansions, the last film Paul Walker completed before his tragic death on November 30, 2014.

Brick Mansions was part of glorious moment of the Detroit city. However, the area is now dominated by criminals and thugs that threatening the rest of the city. Building a wall surrounding Brick Mansions can’t stop the crime, drives Major (Bruce Ramsay) launching a commercial project that can only be done by demolishing the area first. What he needs is a man who can infiltrate and tame criminals inside Brick Mansions. There comes Damien Collier (Paul Walker), an oustanding narcotic police officer who has just been able to put George the Greek (Carlo Rota), a notorious drug dealer, in custody. He is the best candidate to work on the project, and the Major evokes his sympathy by saying that Damien’s father is the last police officer died in Brick Mansions.

The major said that Tremaine Alexander (RZA a.k.a. Robert Fitzgerald Diggs) hijacked a car containing neutron bomb and will use it to destroy the entire city. Not knowing the true intention of the Major, Damien manages to get into Tremaine’s nest thanks to the assistance of Lino Dupree (David Belle), an ex-convict whose former girlfriend Lola (Catalina Denis) kidnapped by Tremaine. Visited by both men, Tremaine, a soldier turned to be an arm dealer, negotiates the price of the bomb. However, the physical conflict between the parties result in friendship with the Major as the common enemy, especially when Damien realizes that it was not Tremaine who killed his father.

We can’t expect luxurious sports cars and speeding in the Brick Mansions which is the last Paul Walker’s movie. Still, similar to most of his works, Paul Walker plays his role as an outstanding police officer whose name precedes his reputation. It was his specialty, perhaps, i.e. playing in cinema works that’s not involving deep characterization and dialogue. So, if you embrace physical actions and predictable intrigue and less puzzling drama, Brick Mansions might be your suitable choice. Above all, this film may cure your longing for the works of Paul Walker whose character had dominated The Fast and the Furious.


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