Point Break

Johnny Utah welcomed by the group after doing jumping from the height of the Alps.

Johnny Utah (Luke Bracey) is an extreme sport athlete who quits his profession after the tragic death of Jeff, his colleague and best friend. Seven years after the incident, Johnny takes totally different path of life: working behind the desk as an FBI agent. However, his choice is not an easy one since he has to prove his instructor (Delroy Lindo) that he is the right man at the right place. And, Johnny has the opportunity to prove.

A group of bandits of unknown identities and motifs has taken unusual crime against international community. For instance, they rob diamond-sorting facility in India only to share the diamonds to the poor. In another occasion, they take billions of dollars of money from a plane then ‘purge’ the money to the poor from the sky of South America. Such habits create puzzling problems within the FBI. Johnny offers his insights and solutions to the agency then. Compensating his boss’ credibility, he gets permission to go to Paris to discover more. Using his former background and guess on Ozaki’s Ordeals. Johnny manages to infiltrate the group. Within a very short time, he has joined the group and welcomed by the members, thanks to Johnny’s ability to pass the given ‘tests’. He himself has won the heart of Bodhi (Edgar Ramirez), the head of the group, regardless of the fact that Bodhi has already known that Johnny is an agent.

Johnny seems to be lured by extreme activities performed by Bodhi’s gank. However, he successfully convinces his instructor and Pappas (Ray Winstone) that he is doing the mission; and that Bodhi and his friends are not usual criminals since they do it not to meet their financial measures. Still, Johnny has to do what he has to do, though it means that he has to shoot Samsara (Teresa Palmer), a woman in the group to whom he has relationship with.

Point Break is a magnificent movie. It’s amazing, both from the story or the scenes. It doesn’t follow mainstream plot and conflict. Indeed, Johnny and Bodhi have the same passion on extreme activities, but they share different perspectives upon some issues. Johnny doesn’t see Bodhi as an enemy; and neither does Bodhi or everyone in the group. In fact, they see themselves as brothers who will say ‘See you, brother’ prior to their death. Bodhi teaches Johnny that everyone has his or her own responsibilities to every action taken – that everyone has freedom and independence to choose – and that life on Earth should be balanced by performing some rituals for the sake of the balance. The prime moral of Point Break is that death is not something to be afraid of as long as one has his or her own faith in life; that death is something that should be embraced and welcomed.


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