Among the four teenagers, it is only Scott who comes to Europe to pursue his love. The rest accompany him and experience a number of unexpected incidents which will make the audience laugh till the end of the movie.

Being teenager is liberating. No one can dictate how a teenager behaves and thinks since he or she demands is a world that’s rich in surprise and challenging situations. Such attitude drives a teenage embracing adventure, roaming in an uncharted territory, and develops hatred of unprecedented degree towards routine and predictability. However, most adults consider that fun is the only thing a teenage wants. EuroTrip, a 2004 teen movie directed by Jeff Schaffer, shows the opposite idea in funny and humorous ways. The film tells the story of a group of teenagers of different interests coming to Europe from the U.S. only to get what they want without losing a bound of friendship.

Inside the mind of Cooper Harris (Jacob Pitts) is having sexual intercourse with any sexy girl he encounters. One night in a school party, he meets his friends Scott Thomas (Scott Mechlowicz) who has been cheated by his girlfriend Fiona (Kristin Kreuk) for Donny (Matt Damon). Both have no idea about their next holiday, and laugh at Jenny (Michelle Trachtenberg) and his brother Jamie (Travis Wester) who said will travel to Europe. In the next morning, having misinterpreted what Mieke (Jessica Boehrs) wrote in her email, Scott feels nothing but mild depression. Fortunately, Cooper visits him and comes with the idea to go to Europe. Scott, who wants to prepare for medical school examination at first, comes into agreement with Cooper to visit Mieke in Germany. He himself is amazed by the beauty of his pen pal after his younger brother Bert Thomas (Nial Iskhakov) tells him that Mieke is a female name just like ‘Michelle’ in America.

Both male teenagers then use any economical transportation methods in order to arrive in Europe. They finally come to the helpful hand of Jennie and Jamie who have been arrived in Paris days ago. Together, the four teenagers roaming Europe, coming to uncharted territory which are ready to welcome them all with things that might be unavailable in any printed publications. They all don’t have similar mission at first, but the story of Mieke has changed their journey till they come to Berlin; and making their EuroTrip memorable.

Fun. That’s the only word that comes across one’s mind when they deal with teenagers. Teenagers want nothing but fun. But, the idea of fun will be totally altered after watching EuroTrip. What teenagers have – and nearly all adults don’t – is their willingness to sacrifice their personal ego in the name of friendship, but they eventually gain what they want and need at the beginning. Scott, for example, is sort of predictable guy Cooper dislikes; his only dream is coming to Mieke right away, abandoning the art of traveling. Having opposite traits, Scott and Cooper have never show fierce disagreement since they focus to the main goal of the trip; they have their own measure of a successful trip. Jamie, for instance, whose attitude towards arts suffers from a lack of proper care and appreciation from the rest company, is finally granted opportunity to work with famous travel writer he admires. At the end, Jennie and Cooper gain what they need, something that everyone will embrace and appreciate: love. EuroTrip is full of humor and funny incidents. You’ll laugh from the beginning till the end of the movie. What makes EuroTrip interesting to see is the appreciation of friendship in addition to its comical and unexpected silly incidents the four teenagers encounter during the travel. The movie might alter our way to perceive teenagers; that pursuing pleasure is not their only goal in life.



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