The Cassandra Compact

The Cassandra Compact: A fiction written by Robert Ludlum and Philip Shelby

When it comes to the works on espionage, the name Robert Ludlum is second to none. A number of his novels have been translated into movies of unquestioned quality. Celebrated titles such as Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy, and Bourne Ultimatum lure me to revel in his other works. And, truly speaking, The Cassandra Compact is the first Robert Ludlum’s I read. It enriches my experience on novel of this kind, especially work having high dose of suspense-thriller.

The Cassandra Compact tells the story of initiatives taken following the tragic death of Yuri Danko, a Bioaparat researcher. Patriot to Mother Russia, Yuri warns Smith, his American fellow working as a non-official cover under Nathaniel Klein’s supervision at Covert One, about the likelihood of biological disaster somewhere on the globe. The fact that such disaster might be responded by biological warfare involving powerful nations like the USA and Russia prompts Smith to do the necessary acts immediately since Yuri nearly gives no clue prior to having the Rocca brother’s bullets on his chests and internal organs. Having supported by Peter Howell, his meticulous SAS colleague, who manages to assemble puzzling facts on the ground on which Yuri Danko killed, Smith proceeds to Moscow where Randi Russell gives him valuable assistance by introducing him to General Kirov. Later, Smith discovers that Randi Russell provides important technical help when he encounters problem on finding the identity of the man Ivan Beria met at Moscow International Airport. Ivan Beria himself is a notorious ‘freelancer’ around Balkan hired by Karl Bauer to escort the canister containing smallpox virus to Adam Treloar, a NASA medical researcher who has been waiting for him in the city. Being the owner of company whose specialization is manufacturing chemical and biological weapons since World War ear, Karl Bauer has the ambition to conquer the world through spreading the recombination product of smallpox virus stolen from Bioaparat. Smith, Howell, Kirov and the rest of the Covert One team must work hand-in-hand to stop such insane idea before it’s too late.

The work of Robert Ludlum is truly superb suspense-thriller novel. It is captivating from the beginning – it does have marvelous first few paragraphs and opening sentences – making me hard to stop reading even to take a breath. Once I turn the pages, I crave for more and more action since Robert Ludlum is good at evoking my curiosity. Though, at some points, some of the plots predictable, which is the sign that the story following normal logic. The fact that The Cassandra Compact lacks of literary content has made it sort of dry work, nevertheless. It’s okay, I think, since the novel is not a literary work; sort of straightforward novel with outstanding details on everything. Readers will get magnificent experience due to its details on characters, scenes, plots, and tools. It lures me to perform my imagination. Each sentence prompts me to visualize anything written on the pages. The Cassandra Compact is a perfect companion to my leisure time


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