The Beatles

The works of the Beatles is quite phenomenal and easy to listen

As I lived in a small city in 90s, then it’s quite impossible for me to revel in the music originated in other hemisphere decades ago. However, it was all changed by the presence of ionosphere. Yup, thanks to the atmospheric layer for introducing my ears to the music of the Beatles.

It was BBC radio that brought me the Beatles through short-wave broadcast. The first song of the band I heard is I saw her standing there, and the song promptly sparked my interest to the band. At that time, the name of the late John Lennon had been widely known together with his song Imagine. But, I never heard the name of the Beatles and their work. It was new to me and I soon became addicted to the famous British band.

I bought some cassettes on the band and tried to get more songs from my college friends who happened to have the same interest. As my collection was growing in number, more works captivated me. Let’s say Please please me, Twist and shout , Anna (go to him> and A hard day’s night.

I like the Beatles for its simple lyrics and nice music. It is rock band, but nice to hear. The collaboration between Paul McCartney (vocal, bass guitar), Ringo Starr (drummer), George Harrison (guitar) and John Lennon (vocal, keyboard) is entertaining indeed. Their music represents the spirit of young age for being energetic and full of enthusiasm. Their works are also still popular today, and their fans are growing in number, touching the heart of younger generation of today’s elementary school students thanks to YouTube. Many use the Beatles as ice-breaker and put their works as companion in any occasion, especially in a boring and deadly traffic jam. Just like I do.


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