Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures

Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures: A religious book by Mary Baker Eddy

A priest gave me the book. One day, together with my wife, I was strolling over Jakarta. No particular purpose, we just walked. Then, we encountered a church, a Christian church, with captivating reading room located right next to the church building. We had a warm welcome and the librarian was very pleased to have us that afternoon. She did not only allow us to access the collection, but also gave magazines and tabloids. Not long afterwards, the priest came and we spent the day talking and sharing about religious matter in broader sense. We had this book, along with an invitation to come to the church on the next Sunday.

The book and the teaching of the Christian Church are very interesting. The teaching itself is quite different from common Protestant teaching. According to my opinion, it is a blend of Buddhism and rationality cum metaphysics and presented using the language, phrase and terminologies of Christianity. Compared to Islamic dogmas and other religions which employ the use of the stick-and-carrot mechanism, Mary Baker Eddy, the founder, introduces the use of organic and holistic approach. Such method suggests equality before God the Almighty. Different from common Christianity that promptly delivers Heaven once someone declares total surrender to God and Jesus Christ, Mary suggests that everyone is responsible to create his or her own Heaven. A responsible faith to Jesus Christ, that is what makes Mary’s teaching different.

Devotion to God is not the purpose of being entitled to a religion. Religion is only providing paths towards perfection, which is considered as the final manifestation of our belief. Life is struggle, in which patience and persistence are mandatory, with Jesus Christ as the role model. For this, for the sake of Jesus Christ, Mary said, “There is a cross to be taken up before we can enjoy the fruition of our babe and faith.” Never loss hope. Never lose faith since the true follower of Jesus Christ will perceive any burden as stepping stone towards perfection. Our burden is our cross; something we need to carry by ourselves, for the sake of the perfection of our soul.


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