Schindler’s List

Schindler’s List: A fictional biography of Oskar Schindler by Thomas Keneally

The name Oskar Schindler will never be forgotten, especially among Jewish community. Prominent German industrialist who made fortune during World War II, Oskar is highly praised for being the first businessman to perform practical philanthropy in modern world by saving the lives of Jews from further horror: death. It was something dangerous, especially for a member of Nazi party like him.

Written by Thomas Keneally, Schindler’s List serves as a fictional biography of the honorable live-saver. It took years for Thomas to complete the book. But, he got assistance and support from the descendants of the Schindler Juden who had given him resources needed. The hard work finally paid off since Steven Spielberg put the book into movie of the same title in 1999. The name of Oskar Schindler is widely recognized ever since.

The novel provides more insights than the movie, by the way. It tells the journey of Oskar Schindler, a former German spy back then, to start a new life and make a living. He started to make contacts among high-rank military officials thanks to his experience into the world of espionage and his Nazi party membership. Then he found investors among rich Jews; something can be considered unfaithful towards Nazi government. Oskar found no problem for that though it was quite difficult for him to convince the Jews investors that their money will be just fine. After a series of lobbying, Oskar managed to establish his own factory, an enamelware factory.

Some might have perspectives that Oskar Schindler is sort of opportunist, a man who sought fortune during socio-political turmoil of war. However, the book shows how a capitalist, a true capitalist work. Oskar knew that rich Jews wanted their wealth safe. He gave them option to their wealth instead of being seized by corrupt Nazi persons. Moreover, instead of using Polish – which is cost more – he chose Jewish people as his workers. All of this occurred until he saw bloody and cruel persecutions towards Jews by his own eyes. Since that day, his factory became haven for Jewish people. No Jews killed in his plant.

Using his own money, Oskar ‘bought’ thousands of Jewish people from his German colleagues and transported them to other cities in which his new factory was built. Because of what he did, many Jews are alive and have thousands of descendants. For this, Israeli government granted him an award. The remarkable Oskar Schindler has not only taught us that in order to be a good businessman, one doesn’t only need a forgiving priest, a good doctor and a clever accountant, but also humanistic point of view and undertaking.


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