Numerical Methods Using MATLAB

Numerical Methods Using MATLAB: A textbook on MATLAB programming by George Lindfield and John Penny

Stands for Matrix Laboratory, MATLAB is a handy tool to solve mathematical problems using matrix operations as the base of its approach. The software is helpful to those who involve calculations and countings in their daily activities due to its broad range of usages. The fact that it has embedded Control Toolbox ensures control engineer to work with MATLAB. Among economists, the presence of MATLAB on their PCs or laptops is inevitable. And, I’m sure bankers and or accountants will find Financial Toolbox captivating. Then, other features such as Simulink, GUI and Symbolic Toolbox will lure engineers and even students to put MATLAB as their first and ultimate choice.

Surely, one needs to know how a matrix works first in order to maximize the value of MATLAB. Indeed, matrix operation is one of MATLAB’s distinguishing features. In addition to its matrix as the backbone, MATLAB I suitable partner for those who deal with numerical problems. That’s what makes MATLAB different from less popular mathematical softwares like Maple released by Maplesoft.

I have used MATLAB since I was in college and I find it powerful ever since. Still, I need a book in order to understand how to deal with numerical problems and solve them using MATLAB. That’s the beginning and reason I interact with Numerical Problems using MATLAB written by George Lindfield and John Penny. I am amazed by its simple but thorough introduction on how matrix works and how to transform matrix operations into MATLAB operations. Written in simple language, the book is suitable companion for those who have just started working with the software. It offers explanations on broad range of mathematical problems. At the end of each subjects, readers cab start practicing and test their aptitude by solving given problems.


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