Mind, Matter and the Implicate Order

Mind, Matter and the Implicate Order: A textbook on philosophy written by Paavo T.I. Pylkkanen

The question about reality is quite challenging and disturbing for those who have great interest upon philosophy, especially when dealing with reality. Many attempts have been made. Many approaches have been employed. But, still, what reality is and how one can access it play important role in the dynamics of the topic. Nearly no agreement has been achieved about this matter, especially among modern philosophers. To some extent, they seem to be hesitate to incorporate traditional and or religious notions on reality into their works. Such facts mostly caused by the influence of ego more than cognitive. It is interesting since the answer might be discovered while the philosopher is willing to combine his modern view on reality with the established ones. How could someone attain the ultimate reality if he can deal with his own ego? The good news is that some philosopher managed to do so. One of them is David Bohm, whose concepts on reality is translated and elaborated by one of his colleagues and best friends, i.e. Paavo Pylkkanen, in a book entitled Mind, Matter and the Implicate Order.

Released in 2006, Mind, Matter and the Implicate Order is a handy book on modern philosophy which deals with reality. Different from most book on the philosophy of reality, Mind, Matter and the Implicate Order discusses the topic from scientific point of view. Here, Paavo T.I. Pylkkanen explains and successfully gives illustrations to the notions of reality established by David Bohm. David Bohm, the Jewish physicist, incorporated metaphysics into his work in physics which gave birth his understanding about reality under the use of ideas such as implicate order, explicate order, or even holomovement. Indeed, it is quite difficult to comprehend what Paavo T.I. Pylkkanen said if the reader doesn’t have interest upon metaphysics or spiritualism. In order to fully appreciate the work of David Bohm, one can’t discard metaphysics and spiritualism since both are in the heart of his work. But, Paavo T.I. Pylkkanen has made Bohm’s ideas easily understood using simple illustrations. Among his notable examples in this book, he uses a liquid of different color dropped in a tube containing water which is then stirred. The illustration explains how implicate and explicate order work, and one can understand both concepts in easy way eventually.

I am myself amazed by the way Paavo T.I. Pylkkanen elaborates the philosophy of reality coined by David Bohm. I read Mind, Matter and the Implicate Order 10 years ago, and, still, think this book as valuable resource on the philosophy of reality. Using the concepts of implicate order and explicate order, those who have questions about reality will find the notions helpful in explaining old questions about dualism in many things. The fact that the concepts derived by scientific experiments and theoretical works of David Bohm doesn’t make them dry concepts. Instead, the metaphysical and spiritual contents within the concepts – if the readers are willing to contemplate more – will enrich one’s understanding upon reality.


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