Mapping Human History: Genes, Race and Our Common Origins

Mapping Human History: Genes, Race and Our Common Origins A non-fiction by Steve Olson

Questions about human origin and ancestors will always be interesting for anyone who cares about historical identity. Those then divide into two groups of people: Pro-Darwinian approach and Pro-Biblical creationism approach. Both will take different path. Still, it is their conclusion upon their search that determines into which group they belong to.

This phenomenon drives some scholars or researchers to seriously pursue further studies on that matter. One of them is Steve Olson. Just like others, he puts and documents his treatise and theory into book. And, the book entitled Mapping Human History is of his works, which becomes the world’s most popular treatise on human origin at the beginning of the 21st century.

What makes Mapping Human History different from others is the conclusion Steve delivers. He arrives at the conclusion that humans genetically are descendants of a sub-Saharan African woman. The groups of our ancestors were then going to the region of Middle East and then spread to the rest of the world. The most interesting idea in this book is that all of our genes and DNAs are derived from the same woman, a sub-Saharan African woman.

Steve’s proposition leaves one big question: If we are from the same single ancestors, then why we have different look and appearance? Steve Olson suggests that those differences are skin-deep only, which means nothing happens to the level of genes or DNAs. It is something amazing that there is no considerate change in DNA or gene for producing such different outcomes.

This idea is quite difficult to comprehend at first. But, Steve is able to convince its readers about his propositions or theory. He provides alternate opinion about this sensitive issue, and successfully delivers his opinion in the middle of hardliners of both group of the same interest.


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