Life of Pi

Life of Pi A fiction by Yann Martel

I forget the details of this novel, but I still remember how it feels reading a work which was awarded Man Booker Prize. I bought Life of Pi at the beginning of 2006, and I was impressed by the way AUTODESK work on its movie version years later. Still, there are some interesting facts derived from Life of Pi.

First, valuable insights to the animal world. Yann Martel had spent few years to write the novel, and he started it with introduction to the animal world he depicted from lives in a zoo. This section is very important to subsequent parts of the novel, in terms of understanding the nature and characteristics of animal in general.

Second, the proof on the presence of instinctive realism. Life of Pi deals with questions on life and God. The latter may sort of fiction, a result of delusional mind. Thus, God is highly subjective. However, when it comes to critical moments in which a man can do nothing to make a change, God’s existence is rising in an unprecedented manner, in the forms of hope, wish, and prayer. The phrase ‘instinctive realism’ itself is first coined by Allamah Thabataba’i, a prominent Shiite cleric and scholar from Iran. The presence of instinctive realism implies the existence of God universally. I can see this in the novel when the main actor is in cornered situation in the middle of the sea with animals who know nothing but their response to their basic needs.

According to my opinion, Life of Pi offers one important thing, i.e. the need or the importance of solitude. The part of the story in which the main actor being abandoned and ‘trapped’ in the middle of the sea suggests the importance of pulling oneself from the crowd or his/her groups in order to have a good grasp upon life. Some might say that solitude-seekers just waste their time doing something unimportant, since it only results in intangible and unmeasured variables. We are drifted away from the wholeness of life by taking measurable accounts to the highest level of importance. Perhaps, that fact that makes Life of Pi interesting to read.


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