Jews, God and History

Jews, God and History: A history book by Max I. Dimont

Judaism and Jewish people have been living in this world for about 6 millions years according to the writer of this book, Max I. Dimont. Such span of time implies contributions to mankind. However, what happens to this group of people so far in terms of historical treatment have created poor judgments and poor understandings on their presence. And this book wants to unearth the hidden facts behind historical treatment upon Jewish people.

Written in long passages, Jews, God and History provides no boredom thanks to the brilliance and witty style Max I. Dimont performed. He writes in details, even the tiniest and earliest part, the history of Jewish people.

Max I. Dimont starts the book with the invention of God by Abraham. He assumes that Abraham is Jewish and that it is Jewish people that invented such portable God and the invisible One within pagan community. Max I. Dimont uses complex analysis to justify his propositions on this matter – and manifest into undeniable facts. Further, he also tells the history if Christianity and mentions that the religion was previously considered as a sect within Jewish community.

However, while telling Islamic period and its birth, Max I. Dimont’s remarks quite positive. Prior to telling the Islamic part, he often complains about persecutions and unfair treatments among Jews. Max I. Dimont shows positive attitude towards Islam by saying that it’s only under Islamic rule Jewish people and community gained their momentum to flourish and develop their talents. So many Jewis people became prominent philosophers, artists, and scientists during Islamic era. About Islam itself, Max I. Dimont only gives simple remark by showing facts that Judaism had given positive atmosphere for Islam to flourish since both religions have the same spirit: Monotheism.

Jews, God and History also talks about modern world. Max I. Dimont is not only talking about modern economy, but also entertainment industry. Nothing left by Jewish people. It’s Jewish people that invented modern money and modern banking. The number of Jewish people in prison is minor compared to other groups – thanks to the spirit of Judaism. Most of notable scientists are Jewish. Modern industry will not develop without their help. Entertainment industry has become the manifestation of the spirit of Judaism since most actresses and actors are Jews.

Max I. Dimont offers intriguing facts that it’s hard for most Western people to accept. Still, thus book provides information that may enrich your knowledge about unsung heroes within human civilization: Jewish people.


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