Istanbul: Memories and the City

Istanbul-Memories and the City: A non-fiction written by Ferit Orhan Pamuk

In the eyes of romantic and intelligent individual, there is nothing inanimate. Everything is alive and has value. The fact that we demonstrate attachment with various degrees towards anything has shown that there is value in everything. Any changes occur on an object over time has shaped its appearance. Common eyes will consider the changes as something normal. But, among those who emotionally and logically active, the changes of appearance represent the object’s response towards its environment, which means that the object is alive. Such ideas can easily be seen in the work of brainy personalities like Ferit Orhan Pamuk. Through his able hands, brilliant mind, creative touch, and deep thought, he manages to transform the stories of his family and the changes which occurred in Istanbul into an outstanding novel entitled Istanbul: Memories and the City.

Istanbul: Memories and the City is not only telling the changes which happened in the family of Ferit Orhan Pamuk, but also those which occurred in the city of Istanbul. Through his powerful words and magnificent details, Ferit Orhan Pamuk simultaneously tells the changes that took place within his inner circle and his city in general. To some extent, his writing looks like a dry one due to his capability to convey the story objectively. Without any hesitation, he tells about his glamorous yet poetic father who was a little bit afraid of pursue his own dream. Coming from wealthy and bourgeoisie family, young Ferit Orhan Pamuk also tells the story of his own life; about his dream of becoming an architect but he abandoned eventually in order to pursue his career and longing in the world of writing. The Gemini writer has his father supported him since Ferit Orhan Pamuk was young. The telling ‘One day, you’ll become a Pasha…’ his father said after reading one of his earliest works provides shelter to young Pamuk’s confidence; something that contributes to his winning on the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2006. Istanbul: Memories and the City also provides information about who has made Ferit Orhan Pamuk a strong person following the fall of his family – while having his personal credentials going up at the same time.

I am personally amazed by this work. And, perhaps, among all of Ferit Orhan Pamuk’s works, Istanbul: Memories and the City can be considered as the best. Indeed, it is difficult to be honest to yourself – and let people in the world know about you as a whole. In the era in which personal imagery and personal existence come first, Ferit Orhan Pamuk writes a story about himself in concise manner, which is something odd according to Eastern culture. Despite his difficult life and marriage and the declining of his family wealth, Ferit Orhan Pamuk never stops writing and pursue his own dream. Nothing bothers him. What people said did not bother him at all since he has his own vision and value. And history has provided the fact that such attitude and view upon life have transformed the life of a courageous young man who spends his life writing and starring at a piece of paper in his room in Istanbul – while seeing the Straits of Bosphorus at a distance – into role model to anyone who longing for example of a brave life.


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