Einstein’s Dreams

Einstein’s Dreams: A fiction based on the Theory of Relativity by Alan Lightman

People will find themselves familiar with science-fiction-based works in forms of movies or novels. However, most of them are explicitly shown as having scientific and technological contents. Such experience will be quite hard to get when one reads Einstein’s Dreams, a book written by Alan Lightman.

The book narrates relativity theory coined by Albert Einstein. It is written in a series of stories which is said to be Einstein’s dreams while inventing the theory. There are about 30 stories in the book, and all of them provide literature version of the theory.

The work of Alan Lightman, an MIT physicist, is quite unique. Instead of writing the stories following mainstream style, he uses poetic style. Readers will not get common short stories in Einstein’s Dreams. The book is different. Sometimes a narration is written in form of poem, while the rest is in plain short story. A very short story, but one will attain rich experience and understanding on both Einstein’s relativity theory.


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