Biology: Unity and Diversity of Life

Biology-The Unity and Diversity of Life: A textbook on biology by Cecie Starr, Ralph Taggart, Christine Evers, and Lisa Starr

I read this book when I was in high school and I discover Biology: Unity and Diversity of Life is still among the most comprehensive textbooks on biology. Up to now. There are some factors or variables that make it so.

First, Biology: Unity and Diversity of Life is rich in colorful illustrations. There is nothing more interesting to a high school student than a textbook with colorful pictures and illustrations. And, when it comes to subject such as biology, the presence of such thing is highly required to enrich readers’ experience and improve one’s understanding on the subject. Only that way a student will be able to: make a clear distinction between plant cell and animal cell; understand the differences between eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells; comprehend the structures and types of bacteria; understand human digestive system or where photosynthesis takes place, etc. For those who love drawing while studying, they will find this book interesting since they can redraw its beautiful illustrations in order to have better grasp in biology. This book is about science. Yet, it contains numerous artistic contents.

Second, the book covers complete topics on biology. The book has a broad range of explanations, a holistic coverage, on biology. Moreover, the explanations are on the same depth regardless of the topic being discussed – whether it is about cell, DNA, or stages of human development. All of them have the same quality and quantity of elucidations. The Q&A session in each topic will be useful in order to fully comprehend the topic.

Third, the book is written in understandable language. It takes popular approach to get larger audience and this book embraces the method. The writers manage to transform unpopular phrases and or terminologies into easy-to-comprehend texts without losing its scientific characters. This book is not intended as an introduction to biology. Yet, Biology: Unity and Diversity of Life will drive one’s curiosity and trigger its readers to love biology as one of the branches of science.


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