Bernanke’s Test: Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan, and the Drama of the Central Banker

Bernanke’s Test: Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan, and the Drama of the Central Banker A non-fiction by Johan Van Overtveldt

Alan Greenspan’s era is now over, and new guy must lead Federal Reserves. A man named Benjamin Bernanke – simply called Ben Bernanke – is appointed as the new leader of the most prestigious and dominating central bank in the world. Raised in a Jewish family, the MIT professor on economics has to cope with the declining economy of his country as the result of the work of Alan in the past.

Indeed, Bernanke’s Test is a book about economy, especially banking. However, what makes it interesting, according to my opinion, is the way the book presented. This book is truly educational one. First, it is published not to commemorate or even celebrate Bernanke’s commencement as the new leader of the Fed. The fact that the writer provides relevant or ‘enough’ introduction about personal life of Ben Bernanke, and puts more emphasize on challenges he might have in the next future in the Fed. Instead of being trapped into bringing melodramatic narration about Ben Bernanke, the writer is trying to promote the necessity of understanding how the Fed shapes U.S. economy through the works of its leaders – in order to comprehend any decision Ben make in the future.

Second, there is no personal touch while talking about one’s leadership in the Fed. Bernanke’s Test doesn’t blame Alan Greenspan, for instance, for making the U.S. economy as it is. When it comes to discourse about Paul Volcker role in the past, the writer provides objective measures on his works. Several plain and cold, that’s what makes this book interesting to read to discover more about the Feds and turmoil in the U.S. economy.


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