The Accountant

Christian Wolf has discussion with Dana Cummings, the in-house accountant for the Living Robotics.

The name Ben Affleck is widely known as an actor whose movie is dominated by drama. Rarely we find acts in which he holds guns or involved in physical duels and battles with his counterparts; let’s put aside his role in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice for a while. His latest movie entitled The Accountant might be cure to his fans longing for his appearance in cinema works full of thriller and physical acts in more natural way: Not wearing superhuman costume, I mean.

The story of The Accountant is opened by scenes showing the life of Christopher Wolf (or Chris) and his siblings as kids. His father, an army officer in psychological warfare division, loves his children very much despite the psychological differences Chris has. He believes that Chris will be able to live like normal people – and acquire and master skills normal people won’t attain. That’s why he pushes Chris and raises him in the way normal kids won’t experience. Her mother is unable to cope with her husband treatment, and leaves her family. Chris lives with his father and his brother, Braxton, ever since though he is diagnosed with severe autism and being suggested to stay in Harbor Neuroscience Institute. As a kid, Chris has already build emotional relationship with Justine (Alison Wright), the mute daughter of the institute’s director.

As story continues, Christopher Wolf (Ben Affleck) is now a talented accountant possessing superb mathematical skill and outstanding focus. Chris, who is interested in using long-range riffles thanks to his father initiatives to give him extensive military training worldwide, gains his fortune as an auditor for criminal enterprises who give him payment in unconventional forms such as rare comics, gold bricks and paintings created by famous artists worldwide. His important role in the life of criminal organizations motivates Raymond King (J.K. Simmons), the director of FinCen inTreasury Department, to capture ‘The Accountant’. In order to get what he wants prior to his retirement, King blackmails Medina (Cynthia Addai-Robinson), young data analyst, threatening her to unearth her criminal records in the past. King has to do this because he has no meaningful information about the real Chris and his whereabouts.

Chris receives his orders for the next jobs by phone call of unknown number using woman voice as disguise. One day he accepts project to audit a robotic company named Living Robotics. Visiting the company, he is greeted by Dana Cummings (Anna Kendrick), the company’s accountant who finds financial discrepancies within the company. Her bosses, Lamar Blackburn (John Lithgow) and Rita Blackburn (Jean Smart), consider her findings as a mistake. Medina then finds Chris’ identity and locate his position. This makes him in trouble, and both Chris and Dana become target for assassination. Thanks to military training his father gave, Chris manage to kill all of the hitman. However, this incident brings him Braxton (Jon Bernthal) back. His brother apparently uses his skill to protect Lamar and his sister.

We can’t predict how Chris will be from what the opening scenes show. I myself was quite swayed by the fact that Ben Affleck might be performing drama movie for showing young Chris as kid suffer from severe autism. However, such inclination totally altered after Chris as adult show his capability in sharpshooting and martial arts. These facts make The Accountant should be in enlisted in your favorite movies since you will discover the other side of Ben Affleck.



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