Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

The scene in which two police officers about to detain Jack Reacher beyond their jurisdiction.

Betrayal is something common. It happens in daily life and any institution, especially in a strict, feudal and written one like military institution. Such institution restrict the juniors to ask or even to question what their elders do or the decision made. It might be right within the proper corridor, but most bad guys make use the untold consensus to frame those of lower rank and reap profit and benefit from such action. This is the central topic in the most recent Tom Cruise’s Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.

The movie is opened with Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) coming to visit his former colleague at his old military headquarter, Major Susan Turner (Cobie Smulders). To his surprise, Col. Sam Morgan (Holt McCallany) tells him that Turner is in custody for being accused from practicing espionage. After getting more info from Turner’s staff, Jack visits Turner’s attorney at law, Col. Bob Moorcroft (Robert Catrini). The man whom Jack visits says that there is evidence that Turner involved in the murder of two American soldiers in Afghanistan. At the same time, Moorcroft gives him document saying that he might be the biological father of Samantha Dayton (Danika Yarosh). Her mother, Candice Dayton, a former prostitute, filed paternity suit against him; Jack himself completely forgets about the woman while Samantha who is now 15 years old believes only what her mother said due to her for occupation as escort lady.

On the night after the meeting with Jack, Moorcroft is killed by unknown assassin. The bad guy then corners Jack and put him in the same jail with Turner. Knowing that few men are about to kill him, Jack manages to escape with Turner after neutralizing all of them and Capt. Anthony Espin (Aldis Hodge) also.They both then pick Samantha in her home; they found her in kitchen, hiding, while both of her foster parents dead. Samantha is then put in Turner’s former high school. However, the fact that there is no place safe, they all go for New Orleans to get Daniel Prudhomme (Austin Hebert) who is the only witness of the murders of the two American soldiers. He is found in a place full of drug addicts. Having interviewed Prudhomme whom they believe connected to Parasource; a private military organization that is trying to cover up the murders. Both Jack and Turner contact Espin to move Prudhomme in custody since he is a valuable witness for the case. The next step they need to take is about to find the mastermind behind all of this.

Different from the previous Jack Reacher movie, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back is much more captivating. It’s not only involving muscular acts and intrigues, but also a mild family drama. Jack, who might think that he is alone in this world for having no people with family ties, now has Samantha Dayton. The girl herself is unable to prove that Jack is her father, especially after she asks him to meet in a cafe where Candice works. Despite all of the facts he encounters, the skill and psychological resemblance Samantha possess quite puzzling. Audience has not further legal or factual that this man has already had daughter named Samantha Dayton; something that makes them want to see the continuation of the life of Jack Reacher.


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