Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Alicia is being chased by a group of hungry zombies. She has only less than 48 hours to reach The Hive. Otherwise, no one will survive.

How far will a clone go? How do we know that we are for real? Or, what makes us real, more real, if we are living surrounded by clones? It’s quite hard to find the answer. What presents in the most recent cinema work of Paul W.S. Anderson entitled Resident Evil: The Final Chapter shows that our perception about reality is much more influenced by our feeling, our ego, than our rationality. Indeed, it’s an action movie. However, at the end of the work, we gain a lesson that our feeling is not the appropriate faculty to harness knowledge.

Adopted from game of the same title, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter portrays the end of the world after the outbreak of T-virus. The biological invention was actually intended to cure young Alice Marcus (Ever Gabo Anderson), the daughter of Dr. James Marcus (Mark Simpson), the inventor, from premature aging. The scientist then establish Umbrella Corporation with Dr. Alexander Isaacs (Iain Glen). The latter persuades to use the T-virus for military purpose. Isaac has no other option but having Albert Wesker (Shawn Roberts) kill James. The death of her father has made Alice share Umbrella Corporation with Isaacs.

Red Queen, whose voice and figure adopted from young Alice, commands Alice (Milla Jovovich) to go to Raccoon City, to The Hive, to release the anti-virus. The Umbrella Corporation has developed airborne anti-virus in The Hive. When it is released, every organism infected by T-virus will perish. She has only 48 hours before the remaining normal human being infected by the same virus. However, on her way to Raccoon City, Isaacs and his gang capture her and put her as bait to the zombies. Fortunately, she manages to escape the convoy and go to The Hive.

She is then welcomed by Claire Redfield (Ali Larter) and her team at a ruined building next to The Hive. Not long afterwards, Isaacs and thousands of zombies approach the shelter; forcing Claire and the team launch attack using available limited weaponry. Together with the rest of the squad, Alice leads the group coming into The Hive where the Red Queen being pushed by Albert Wesker to exterminate the rebellious group. As Alice successfully makes her way into The Hive, Wesker wakes the real Isaacs up from his hibernation. The same thing also happens to the real Alice Marcus who spends her life on wheelchair. Alice and Claire fight against the more sophisticated version of Alexander Isaacs, who refuses the release of anti-virus and then fights against his own clone.

The end of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter is quite moving. Both clone version of Alice Marcus and Alexander Isaacs suffer from psychological torture after knowing that they’re just clone. Through the Red Queen, the real Alice supports her clone additional information and memories about their childhood. This is not the end of Resident Evil, since it takes years for the anti-virus to reach every corner of the globe. The more so, the next sequel should be entertaining because we deal with new Alice, who has just discovered her true identity.


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