Kung Fu Yoga

Randall, Jack, and Jones Lee dance at the end of the movie. Celebrating One Road-One Belt policy? One thing for sure, dancing solves everything.

When it comes to cooperative political agenda among two countries, cinema work seems to be one of the most efficient and effective ways to enhance the outcomes. We can learn this from the result of fruitful Xi Jinping’s visit to India few years ago. Back on May 2015, it was announced that both Asian giants will produce movie entitled Kung Fu Yoga to commemorate India-China relationship which has lasted for about two millenial; the most notable is Buddhism’s success story, a religion originated in India and gain most of its followers in China. However, the movie doesn’t involve such primordial and personal issue. As the millenium has changed, it is now materialism which has replace one’s religiosity and manifests into an adjective called greedy.

Kung Fu Yoga is started by Wang Xuance, the Tang Dynasty representative to India, c.a. 647 A.D. helps General Bhima of the Kingdom of Magadha in a battle against rebels led by General Arunasva. The envoy then goes to China in order to get reinforcement accompanied by General Bhima. Princess Gitanjani has ordered the general to escort Wang Xuance on his way home, and gives him a box. Only General Bhima knows that the box contains a diamond, a heirloom of the Kingdom of Magadha. However, a storm has separated both noblemen. Wang Xuance asks the general and his troops to find shelter while he continues his walk to China. When the natural disaster stops, Wang Xuance is unable to get the general’s whereabouts.

The story is then continued at present day with a scene in which Prof. Jack (Jackie Chan) gives lecture about the battle. Considered as the most brilliant and successful archaeologist in China, Prof. Ashmita (Disha Patani) visits him. Telling him as Indian archaeologist who manages to get the map of the heirloom, Ashmita asks his favor to get the diamond. With her assistant, Kyra (Amyra Dastur), Ashmita and Jack visit Jones Lee (Aarif Rahman), a treasure hunter whose father had searched the diamond until his death. Jack has his assistants Xiaoguang (Zhang Yixing) and Noumin (Miya Muqi) in the team.

Together with Jones, Ashmita and Kyra, the Chinese team eventually find the treasure after using drilling machine specially designed to operate on thick icy surface Jack borrows from his fellow Jianhua (Eric Tsang). However, at the site located on Indo-Tibetan border, Randall (Sonu Sood) tries to seize the diamond. The descendant of General Arunasva wants to get the heirloom back, and considers that the diamond will grant him power to lead the modern India. Fortunately, it is Jones who has the diamond at last, and he tries to sells it in an auction took place in Dubai. Jack has no other option but following the auction and buying the diamond. The determined Randall and his team manage to seize the heirloom from Jack’s colleague. Both Jack and his team involve in sport cars racing against Randall. However, Ashmita is the one who gets the diamond and brings it home in India. The USD 160 millions diamond forces Jack to find Ashmita and Kyra, who are actually the descendant of Princess Gitanjani. Both team reunite and try to find the answer from puzzling facts created by the heirloom while, at the same time, has to deal with fierce efforts of Randall.

Kung Fu Yoga is truly dedicated to improve and strengthen cultural relationship between China and India. At the end of the movie, both Jack and Ashmita arrive at the same conclusion about the main purpose of the heirloom of the Kingdom of Magadha. Still, they need to tame Randall, whose greed and materialistic point of view getting worse after his eyes encounter the statue of Lord Shiva made of pure gold of 32 tons. Forget religious teaching on Hinduism and or Buddhism, since the moral value of this movie has its core within counter-materialism; making Kung Fu Yoga much more universal and gain more audience regardless of their cultural background. One thing for sure, Jackie Chan lovers will find this cinema work captivating and appealing since he, like always, incorporates funny and humorous acts and spontaneous martial arts skill. There is no agreement and reconciliation between Jack-Ashmita and Randall. Stanley Tong, the director and the writer, prefers to use Bollywood solution to common predictable solution. What is that? If you’re familiar with Hindi movies, then you will say ‘Dancing solves everything!’. You must see this entertaining movie. Otherwise, you’ll regret it.


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