The Transporter Refueled

Frank Martin and Anna’s gang against Karasov.

It seems strange at first for having The Transporter without Jason Statham. When I decided to watch the movie, I felt like starting to do a gambling; wondering whether Ed Skrein will perform better than Statham. But, I arrived at my own conclusion at the end of the movie; that this film is not comparable its predecessors.

First, it has more drama than actions. Father and son relationship plays its role while Frank Martin (Ed Skrein) has to meet Anna’s desire to kill Karasov. Daughter of peasant family, Anna has become a high-class prostitute since her mother sold her to Karasov. Anna has Frank’s father in custody and Frank has to help her and her gang in confronting Karasov. Only that way his father will be released.

Second, this time Frank Martin doesn’t work alone. Together with Anna and her gang, Frank has to defeat Karasov in elegant manner. Frank Martin is more natural by now. This movie doesn’t provide a one-man show. That’s the interesting part.

Three, more emphasis on car. It seems that Audi S8 gains its best ads momentum in this movie. It’s quite odd, since past movies focused more on Jason Statham, and not on the technological advancement of the car.

Thus, The Transporter Refueled brings new experience, new taste and new approach. It’s rich in everything and many things. That’s why I recommend you to watch it or even put the movie in the list of your collection.


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