The Stranger

Peter tries to save himself from the brutal De Luca.

How can we tell that our treatment to our beloved one proven to be following well or proper way? We will discover the answer once we see the results; whether it creates problems or harmful to others or not, or vice versa. Movie lovers can see it clearly in The Stranger, a recent work of Eli Roth. Instead of telling a story of vampire family, the moral value of The Stranger lies on how a father gives appropriate affection towards his son.

The story is started when Caleb (Ariel Levy) and his gang beating Martin (Cristobal Tapia Montt), a stranger who tries to find his wife, Ana (Lorenza Izzo), in a small town he left 16 years ago. Martin is lucky to have Peter (Nicolas Duran) help and bring him to Peter’s house. Otherwise, Martin would have died. But, Caleb and his comrades continue chasing Martin – and come to Peter’s house and force Peter to surrender him. Unable to find Martin, they torture Peter and try to burn him. However, it turns out to be an accident in which it is Caleb that being burnt and seriously wounded for that. De Luca (Luis Gnecco), Caleb’s father, seeks revenge and burns Peter in turns. As time proceeds, Martin, who finally discovers that Peter is his son, gives him his blood. A blessed blood. To De Luca’s surprise, Peter recovers soon and becomes normal. The police officer then catches Martin and forces him to save Caleb also. But, something terrible happens and leads to Martin sacrifice himself for the sake of his son.

The first few minutes watching The Stranger, audience may expect a story about vampire or alike. But, one won’t get it until the movie is over. It tells more about conflicts driven by wrong affection perform by De Luca; something that makes Caleb a kind of young criminal who is immune to policemen or law. The Stranger is quite disappointing for having uninteresting story, poor drama and odd plot. There are many things unanswered and puzzling without having any clues. It might have continuation for having things hanged by the end of the show. It’s up to you to revel in the sequel then.


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