The Runner

Colin Price and Kate Haber, his political consultant

How far does a primordial issue bring the fall of a politician? Which one is more important in the eyes of constituents: personal life or professional achievement? The Runner deals with both questions.

Portraying Colin Price (Nicholas Cage), a Lousiana politician who finds his ammunition in the BP oil spill incident in 2010, this movie provides vivid example on how Americans perceive an ideal political figure – something important in relationship with the next presidential election in the country.

While he is in the beginning of his crusade advocating the life of fishermen in his neighborhood due to the oil spill, a sex scandal of him emerges at the surface. It is not a conventional sex scandal for some, however. It’s a scandal with black woman in a mostly-black neighborhood. Price sees this issue as something common at first, that sex doesn’t involve the color of your skin. At the same time, his wife, whose concern is his political career, suggests him to keep moving regardless of the sex scandal. Her act reminds us all on how Hillary Clinton’s stance towards Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky’s affair.

As Colin Price is weak, he finally steps down, resigns from political career and then spends most of his time encouraging fishermen by establishing an NGO. Slowly but sure, people forget what he did with one of fishermen’s wife in the past. He finally gains his second momentum after Mark Lavin, a renowned BP stock owner, offers him a large sum of money to run his NGO in the middle of his romantic affair with his political consultant, Kate Haber. He awkwardly accepts Lavin’s offer at first.

After a series of deep thought, audience has the movie ended by picturing Price standing in the crowd; before his constituents, his wife and the man who funds him, i.e. Mark Lavin – to share his vision as the next Senator from Lousiana.


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