The Gift

Gordo watches the Call’s from a distance.

How much does your bad habit cost? You will never know until you become the victim. This is the climax of The Gift, a movie telling the story of Simon Call (Jason Bateman), a man of bullying since his early teenage years. Now, the husband of a loving wife has to pay what he did in the past to the extent of never-ending future.

Simon Call did bullying simply because he had the power of doing so back then in high school. Such bad habit has continued until today, which makes the life of others miserable. He did it in his high school friends back then, now he does it to his colleagues.

It’s all started when Simon and his wife, Robyn (Rebecca Hall), had them greeted by Gordon Moseley while buying some items for their new home. The couple have just moved to Chicago since Simon has new placement. Audience will get a glimpse of Simon’s arrogance towards others when he simply ignores Gordon (Joel Edgerton) and mocks at him on his way leaving the store.

To his surprise, Gordon (or Gordo Weirdo, as Simon calls) visits their house and presents him numerous gifts for the couple. Both Simon and Robyn are happy at first. But, they finally get annoyed, especially when they’re invited to Gordo’s place. They discover that the house doesn’t belong to Gordo.

After a series of visits, Simon gets angry and beats him up – instead of asking for apologize for what he had done in the past. It is Roby who forces him to meet Gordo. Simon is shocked since Gordo says that Simon has to pay what he did; that Gordo has not finished yet. And, Simon has it on the day his son is born. The final gift will haunt Simon for the rest of his life.

Eye for an eye, and the man of bully has what he deserves.


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