The Conjuring 2

Lorraine is searching Valak’s whereabouts in her husband’s work room.

Faith is all we need in tackling any hindrances and obstructions in life, including while dealing with demonic power. That’s the key and the ultimate solution Lorraine Warren has when she is about to exterminate the evil spirit that haunts the Hodgson’s and also threatens the life of her husband, Ed Warren, in The Conjuring 2. Being completely at a lost with the incidents, Lorraine comes to her powerful understanding; that she – anyone, precisely – can defeat any demonic misfortune if she knows the name of the demon in charge.

Similar to the first series, The Conjuring 2 is based on true events, taken from one of the cases Ed Warren and Lorraine Warren had in the mid 70’s. The incident took place not long after the couple worked on the Amityville in 1976. Both Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson) and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga) are asked by the Roman Church to investigate further supernatural acts which succumb the life of a poor family in England while, at the same time, they’re said to perform something ridiculous and full of hoaxes by some academicians back in the United States. It is not easy for Lorraine to promptly accept the task after the vision she had while visiting the Amityville house. However, Ed has her accept it eventually since the case happens to a family, not to a single individual.

The Hodgson’s start to realize the necessity of the Church’s intervention after a series of worsening haunting episodes occurs to Janet (Madison Wolfe). Peggy Hodgson (Frances O’Connor), the mother of four kids, is becoming more afraid because her way out, i.e. moving to the Nottingham’s house, provides no solution to the problem. She has no other choice but putting Janet in her own room while waiting for Ed and Lorraine. Earlier investigation done by Maurice Grosse (Simon McBurney) and Anita Gregory (Franka Potente) provides information that the name of the brutal evil spirit is Bill Wilkins (Bob Adrian), who previously stayed in the house and died on an armchair in front of the TV set. The visit itself is intended to gain more clues to make sure that the family or the case is worth the help of the Roman Church. However, regardless of the spiritual incidents, the investigators have a recording which indicates that either Janet or her mother is doing tricks in favor of financial interest and media sensation. And, when Lorraine and Ed is on their way home, Lorraine has the vision that Bill Wilkins is only a pawn; that Bill is hijacked by a powerful demon in order to possess more control over Janet and her family. The only thing Lorraine has to do is to acquire the name of the demon, to have the power over it so that she is able to save the life of Janet and her beloved husband.

Since its beginning, The Conjuring 2 is full of surprises and horror scenes. Still, the director, James Wan, has successfully put the element of family dramas in the middle of his work. It is done so well that the audience stay focus on the show in addition to the superb plotting and characterization.  It’s hard to find elements that justify boredom. Though The Conjuring 2 puts emphasize on Janet, it becomes more interesting and captivating to see after each family members have their own horror experience, such as: Billy Hodgson (Benjamin Haigh) with the crooked man (Javier Botet) and his toys; Johny Hodgson (Patrick McAuley) with the knives in the kitchen; Margaret Hodgson (Lauren Esposito) with her bed and flying on the ceiling of the living room; and Peggy Hodgson with the vision of Bill’s face on waters in their basement. The terror becomes more intense and crazy with Vic Nottingham (Simon Delaney) and Peggy Nottingham (Maria Doyle Kennedy) have similar demonic situations in their house! Audience should take a very deep breath any time they’re able to do so during the play. It seems that Valak (Bonnie Aarons), the demon, would like to show his power over the audience till the end of the movie.


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