The Boy

Greta and picture of the Heelshire’s.

Greta (Lauren Cohan) is an American girl leaving her hometown for good. She finds the need to create space between her and Cole, man from her past. And, she has the Heelshire’s accepted her to babysit Brahms, the only child of the husband and wife. To her surprise, Greta finds that Brahms is not an ordinary kid: He is a doll.

She doesn’t have opportunity to refuse the employment. Malcolm (Rupert Evans), local grocery man, has warned her about this: that the Heelshire’s and the boy are very odd. Horror scenes come then after Greta experiences strange phenomena related to Brahm’s latest position. The fact that Malcolm has warned about this forces him to leave. Everything is available there, and Greta has another option other than leaving the family.

Things go crazy. But only Malcolm who becomes her only informant to the outside world. Greta herself is about to become crazy and to believe in things about the doll. At the same time, the couple of Heelshire’s commit suicide, unable to bear living with their ‘son’. It’s only through the sudden appearance of Cole (Ben Robson) at the house then the real situation of the family unearthed.

The Boy is truly unusual horror movie. However, it still has normal situation in which the casualties are minimum. The movie manages to keep the terror and horror at optimum level, unless the director has successfully additional unnecessary scenes then audience will find the movie boring and uninteresting.


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