The Bodyguard

Cherry Li and Ding share ice cream after the carnival.

The danger of traumatic experience lies on the fact that it makes us unaware of our presence; makes us unable to embrace our current being. It forces us to live in the past, without having possibilities to have control upon our own future. Indeed, traumatic experience brings us death earlier before we die, unless we know how to deal with it. And, it is traumatic experience that becomes the core of the latest Sammo Hung’s movie entitled The Bodyguard; portraying an old man who suffers from eternal grief for losing his grandchild while both were having fun together.

Ding (Sammo Hung) is a man of Kung Fu whose skill had made him serving VIPs under the Central Security Bureau. However, tragic incident to his granddaughter forces him to leave Beijing for his birthplace after his resignation. He spends the days mourning for her and having Miss Park (Li Qinqin) and Cherry Li (Jacqueline Chan Pui-Yin) as his only company. A brutal murder performed by Choi, a local gangster, on which Ding serves as the only witness, giving a clue that the former military bodyguard suffers from dementia. The sickness is getting worse when one night he sees Li (Andy Lau), Cherry’s father, tortured to death for making Choi gets into trouble with Russian mob from Vladivostok. It is Choi burning Cherry’s home that makes Ding angry since he and Miss Park are unable to find the little girl. These all trigger Ding to seek his own justice, launch fierce attack to Choi and his gang, and also the Russian mobs who chases Choi.

Sammo Hung is an exceptional Kung Fu master in Chinese movie. He is not only famous, but also legendary in terms of his Kung Fu ability. Getting older seems to be no problem for him to show his other talent: playing in drama. Still, his Kung Fu is magnificent and interesting to see. The Bodyguard manages to combine both talent well. Directed by Sammo Hung, the movie takes a slow pace in the beginning, only to make it more natural. Those who want to see hardcore Kung Fu action performed by the master have to wait for quite a long time because drama is at the core of The Bodyguard. The minor performance of Andy Lau provides no problem because other counterparts such as Cherry Li and Miss Park show superb play. The Bodyguard has wonderful and natural story without losing and abandoning meaningful fight and action necessary to convey its value.


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