Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Finn and Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Poe (Oscar Isaac) is about to receive a map indicating Luke Skywalker’s location (Mark Hamill) when Ren (Adam Driver) and his stromtroopers come and attack Jakku. After a fierce counter-attack, he is captured and brought to the First Order headquarter. Fortunately, he had his time to put the map to BB-8, his droid robot. When Poe is tortured by Ren in order to get the info, BB-8 starts his journey along Jakku until it meets Rey (Daisy Ridley), a scavenger.

What happened in Jakku has forced Finn (John Boyega) to flee from the First Order. He then releases Poe and asks him to be the pilot and go to Jakku. To their surprise, the First Order acknowledges this and pursue both till Jakku’s atmosphere and hit to the ground. Finn, as Poe calls, has to find his own way in his former hometown. There, he meets Rey and BB-8. And the adventure has begun ever since.

The three company starts the journey using a stolen ship which belonged to Han Solo (Harrison Ford). Han Solo and Chewie captured them. And, helped by Rey’s skill, Han Solo manages to come to the Resistance’s headquarter. There they plan a counter-attack towards the First Order. Thanks to Poe’s magnificent aptitude, the First Order is finally defeated but with the cost of losing Han Solo since Ren has him killed regardless of his knowledge that Han Solo is his own father.


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