Benicio del Toro is Alejandro in Sicario.

When it comes to bring about a successful mission, one thing that matter is put your emotion away. Mission, just like business, is best established unemotionally. That’s the moral of this movie. Another moral is that past accomplishment doesn’t guarantee the likelihood of future success.

Sicario is started when Dave Jennings (Victor Garber) is amazed by the success of Kate Macer (Emily Blunt) leading her team during a kidnapping raid. The woman from the FBI Special Weapon and Tactics Team is then recommended to Matt Graver (Josh Brolin), a CIA guy, to accomplish a mission to get the men responsible for the killing and kidnapping she found. Kate agrees to volunteer though Graver doesn’t explain much. It’s after Graver then Kate meets his partner, Alejandro Gillick (Benicio del Toro).

Alejandro doesn’t talk much. Kate even has no information at all from both. That drives her crazy, especially after a group of militia trying to kill them in the middle of traffic jam. Not ready for such engagement and impromptu war, Kate is angry with Matt and Alejandro. As the mission proceeds, the team – excluding Kate – is interested in getting the drug lord, Fausto Alarcon. For this, Alejandro works alone.

Sicario is a complete mixture of action and drama, a mixture of bravery in war and being afraid of killing people while in war. It’s natural. However, the CIA and FBI should consider more before letting a member like Kate joining such mission. Since Kate shows too much drama, audience will easily get bored during her performance. Kate is so annoying.


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