Precious Cargo

Eddie finally captures Karen after stealing what belongs to him.

At some point, the presence of celebrated movie stars provide savior to a boring cinema work. We can see this in the most recent Carla Forlani’s work entitled Precious Cargo, which is released this April worldwide.

Karen (Carla Forlani) is a seasoned thief who finds opportunity by manipulating Eddie (Bruce Willis). After a failure at a bank in Cayman Island, she pursues another mission informed by Eddie’s colleague. However, this time she can’t do it alone. Therefore, Karen asks help from Jack (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), her former lover whose romance with Jenna (Lydia Hull) is about to spark. Her coming is shocking to Jenna since Karen pretends to be pregnant to Jack. After a series of pursue, Eddie manages to capture Karen. At the same time, Jack is not willing to help Karen after realizing that Karen is not pregnant – that she has diamond on her stomach as disguise. She then lures Jack to release her after saying that her last mission is about to get red diamonds of USD 300 millions owned by Eddie. Jack can’t do nothing but accept the offer, and he has Logan (Jenna B. Kelly), talented sniper, in the team.

Precious Cargo should be an entertaining and fascinating action movie. Still, such genre requires what is need to create magnificent work. From the beginning, Precious Cargo doesn’t provide superb emotional touch: Romance between Jack and Jenna is below expectation, while Logan and Jack have not been able to perform what it takes to manifest outstanding partnership. Bruce Willis the Eddie is the bad guy, but his team, such as Simon (Daniel Bernhardt), gives below average performance as organized criminals. The plot is also too fast, without being accompanied by meaningful conflict, action, and drama.


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