My Stupid Boss

Bossman and Diana the Kerani at the bossman’s room.

At some points, working is the best escape from boring daily inactivity. But, what if the solution brings further trouble to one’s mental health? It will be more problematic if the the trouble comes from the individual of highest level at the office, i.e. the boss, who has personal relationship with the special one back home. Serious movie on this would be a boring show, and audience will be entertained if the story is delivered on the opposite style: Comedy.

That is the central theme of My Stupid Boss, the latest Indonesian movie starred by Reza Rahadian, Bunga Citra Lestari and a number of celebrated Malaysian actors and actresses. Trying to get rid of useless life in new neighborhood in Kuala Lumpur, Diana (Bunga Citra Lestari) wants to get a job. Her husband, Dika (Alex Abbad) gives her a try by suggesting her to his old friend who happens to have a company in the city. The man calls himself Bossman, and has a trading company which is not professionally handled since he prefers to do anything he wants. This, of course, creates problem in the company. Diana, who is appointed as the Head of Administration or Kerani, has her nightmare and is shock since she thinks it will be easier if she works for person of the same nationality. Together with her colleagues in the same room such as Mr. Kho (Kinwah Chew), Norahsikin (Atikah Suhaime), Adrian (Bront Palarae), and Azhari (Iskandar Zulkarnain), Diana tries to be patient person and launches her own revenge to the Bossman. However, after being accused of stealing company’s money, Diana gets angry and refuses to work. The Bossman then comes to her house with visiting Dika as cover, tries to persuade her to get back to work.

My Stupid Boss is different from common and mainstream Indonesian comedy. To some extent, it gives hope to the future of movie of the style. It has simple story which can easily be found anywhere. Thus, audience won’t find it difficult to revel in the art work. Since the beginning of the movie, audience will find the movie amusing since the actors and actresses play their role in natural way. Superb characterization. The only problem with the comedy is the language used by the Bossman. My Stupid Boss would be well understood by those who speak Javanese, though most Indonesian have been familiar with some sayings the Bossman utters. This movie can be considered as one of the best outcomes from collaboration between Indonesia and Malaysia movie artists of the year. It is not enough to watch the movie; one has to put it in his/her collection.


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