Mechanic: Resurrection

Arthur Bishop tricks Malaysia police officer in order to get caught and launch his first mission.

It is quite rare to have an action movie which is able to combine romance, comedy and drama in proportional way. Most directors find it difficult to create such outcome. Dennis Gansel is different since he manages to overcome that difficulties, and we can see that from his latest movie starred by Jessica Alba and Jason Statham entitled Mechanic: Resurrection. Under his able hands, audience will be swayed by Jason’s martial skill, romantic relationship between Jason and Jessica Alba, and also entertaining performance of Tommy Lee Jones.

Mechanic: Resurrection is started by scene in which Otto (Jason Statham) being chased by Crain’s assistant (Lynette Emond) and her team. Otto, who is now having new life in Brazil, refuses to do another mission as Crain (Sam Hazeldine) requests. Knowing that his position has been acknowledged, Otto a.k.a. Arthur Bishop, moves to Southern Thailand to live with Mei (Michelle Yeoh), his old friend. Not long afterwards, Gina (Jessica Alba) manages to get into his life after Bishop killed Paul, his partner. At first, Bishop is suspicious to Gina after finding her true identity. The woman, who happens to be former military agent, has nothing more to hide, and tells him that she is a trap created by Crain so that Bishop is willing to do what he wants. Otherwise, all the kids she knows back in Cambodia will be killed. Then, both male and female trick Crain by behaving like a couple of lovers. Crain eats the bait, and then kidnaps Gina. In order to save Gina, Arthur Bishop must kill three persons as Crain orders. Here, Bishop shows his magnificent skill and ability, especially in mechanics and also chemistry. Using that skills, Bishop has successfully made an entry to a highly-guarded prison in Penang, Malaysia, to murder Kril (Femi Elufowoju, Jr) and sabotage pool owned by Cook (Toby Eddington) so that the businessman ends his life due to gravity. However, on the last mission, Bishop discovers that Crain has manipulated him to end the life of his business competitors. He refuses to kill Max Adams (Tommy Lee Jones), and cooperates with the arm dealer to stop Crain by any means. Bishop then tells him that Max has been killed, but Crain doesn’t believe in him unless Bishop can show him Max’s dead body. Bishop has nothing more left but fight against Crain and his gang in order to get his life and his lover back.

Jason Statham usually plays his role in cool way, showing no emotion. But, in Mechanic: Resurrection, he shows the audience that he is a strong man who is also able to fall in love and do anything to save his lover. However, he doesn’t leave what audience want from him: wonderful skill of martial arts coupled with cold-blooded look when finishing the life of his enemies. In addition to romance and action, Dennis Gansel, the director, puts scenes which will make audience laugh, especially by Tommy Lee’s performance. It’s like a pause, a distraction and also saver to boring scene; making the plot of Mechanic: Resurrection much more satisfying and entertaining. For a man who grew up in East Berlin, Dennis Gansel is quite successful in creating movie which is rich in color; away from boring and gloomy works, the main characteristics of German cinema.


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