Macbeth and Lady Macbeth

Adopted from the work of William Shakespeare, Macbeth is a story of a warrior being disgraced by his inability to overcome his evil ambitions. Gaining his fame in battlefields, a group of women in black dress tell him that he will be the king of Scotland. However, at the same time, they tell him that it is the son of Banquo, his fellow warrior, who replaces him as the king later.

Going home, Macbeth (Fassbender) tell his wife (Cotillard) about the saying. The women made him uneasy since the king is still active and alive. However, after his wife lures him with unemotional sexual intercourse, Macbeth surrenders and follows his wife’s advise: that he has to kill Duncan the King of Scotland in order to meet the foretell. He does it easily since his wife has poisoned the guards. Macbeth comes into Duncan’s room and stabs him to death. No one knows this except Malcolm, Duncan’s prince.

Then the rest of the movie becomes a sort of theatrical show. Macbeth is then installed as the king. Still, the coronation frighthenes him because it’s Banquo’s descendants who will replace him. What he’s doing on his first days is to make sure Banquo and his son, Flencio, die. He sends a group of men to accomplish the mission. Banquo dies then, but his son manages to flee. Macbeth is then going crazy: transforming into tyrant, he kills whoever he wants, including the family of Macduff, a warrior also. Later, Macduff manages to kill him in a duel.

Given the fact that this movie is adopted from a theatrical work, Macbeth could be presented more and better in form of movie than theatrical show. Seeing this movie is similar to watching a theatrical show with brilliant visual effects. The dialogues itself, for example, are quite formal, similar to dialogues in an opera. Thanks to superb performance of Fassbender and Cotillard, they have successfully made the movie an entertaining and recommended one.


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