League of Gods

The presence of Naza gives meaningful entertaining element of the League of Gods.

In our recent modern world, the need of stories rich in wisdom and teaching has made it interesting to visualize legends into movie. Such initiative seems to be able to convey doctrine in entertaining way. However, that’s not something easy to carry out since the world of legends has magic and metaphysical contents that provide trap for the cinema workers. They need to work harder in order to deliver movies of superb performance. Otherwise, what they have as the outcomes will be movies of wonderful story but have poor quality. Still, the undertaking, such as League of Gods, the most recent Angelababy’s movie, should be appreciated.

Just like most legends, League of Gods inspires us with the story about power, authority, and greed. The movie is started by King Zhou (Tony Leung Ka-fai) who wants to execute the Grand Elder of the Invisible Tribe. Together with his Empress Daji (Fan Bingbing), the king, who has surrendered his soul to the Black Dragon as the compensate of power and authority in this world, is about to end the life of the Grand Elder since the old man is able to see the future of King Zhou. The Grand Elder must die because he knows the way to defeat the Black Dragon. At the same time, Leizhenzi (Jacky Heung), the last man of the Wing Tribe, leads a squad of Xiqi soldiers to save the Invisible Tribe and the Grand Elder. Leizhenzi and his men are then pursued by General Leopard (Louis Koo Tin-lok) who killed his father. Fortunately, Leizhenzi manages to escape with the help of Master Jiang (Jet Li), a powerful sorcerer who has been cursed by Empress Daji to get younger as time proceeds. The story is then continued by Leizhenzi who tries to discover his true identity after seeing past traumatic incident on which his father was killed by General Leopard while, at the same time, seek the mighty sword used to defeat the Black Dragon. In order to accomplish the mission, Master Jiang grants him Naza the Warrior (Wen Zhang) to accompany him in assembling his team members until he meets Yang Jian (Huang Xiaoming). A baby of magnificent power, Naza provides help to Leizhenzi later, and entertains the audience with his chubby and naughty actions throughout the movie.

League of Gods is entertaining movie to watch. The story might be predictable for most audience, but the movie has interesting plot and balanced elements. Audience will find action, drama, romance, comedy, happiness, and sadness in the movie directed by Koan Hui and Vernie Yeung. The action of Naza in the depth of the sea, for example, on which he shows his deadly farts and six arms has contributed to the most funny section of the League of Gods. The scene in which Naza performs his high-pressure piss provides the same. Though both Leizhenzi and Blue Butterfly (AngelababyYeung Wing) have just known each other, they fall in love and the romantic story must end not long after Blue Butterfly told her lover that she is not human, but a doll made of wood created by magic power of General Leopard. In this League of Gods, Jet Li seems to give more opportunities to young stars to perform. Audience can’t expect him to perform meaningful action in this movie. To me, this is the variable that makes League of Gods nice work to see.


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