Koala Kumal

Dika and Trisna find each other in the aftermath of being cheated by Andrea.

Broken heart is tragedy and misery, unless one manages to turn it into a comedy. That’s what happens to the story of Koala Kumal, the most recent movie of Raditya Dika, a celebrated young comedian nationwide. Being cheated by Andrea (Acha Septriasa) right on the days prior to their wedding day, Dika (Raditya Dika) finds himself suffers from writer’s block for more than a year. He has no more other options but to overcome the problem; something that drives him to embrace his life using another perspective.

Dika discovers that the only solution he has to release the burden he has is hanging out with new people. Then he starts his journey in unconventional ways, which introduces him with valuable new person, especially Trisna (Sheryl Sheinafia). Trisna has unique way to perceive this world, which enriches Dika with new experiences – some of them are ridiculous ones, including blind date and also coming to a match-making session. Furthermore, Trisna, who is so scare to watch the last video sent by his late boyfriend, Coki, forces Dika to perform revenge towards Andrea who is said to marry soon with James (Nino Fernandez). Together with Dika, she does ridiculous and cruel things to the couple which almost break both relationship. Still, they launch the mission in funny way.

For a newly released movie, Koala Kumal is able to attract more audiences nationwide. The relatively short comedy movie introduces new faces to Indonesian cinema such as Anggika Bolsterli and Fero Walandouw. Despite the fact that it’s sort of magnet, as a comedy, Koala Kumal is quite dry and poor in story. What makes it captivating most is the way the casts deliver their role, which is quite natural. Some senior actors and actresses involved in the making, which guarantees that this movie is worth to see regardless of the fact that the work needs something more to present to the audience.


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